Multi-Tasking and a Clean Home

(*I know this is a “well, duh!”-inducing post. But bear with me. Being a mama of four makes things like this seem like huge accomplishments!)

When I clean, time doesn’t always allow for thorough cleaning. Usually, I am lucky just to get a path cleared down the hallway. Along the way, I’ve tried really hard to come up with multi-tasking jobs I can do to help improve my home environment.

One such way is using the time when I am on the phone. Often, the reason I hate doing a chore is because it takes me away from something I would much rather be doing. If I can find something to do along with the chore, it makes it a lot easier to deal with. For instance, folding laundry:



I’ve also found that I get so much done while on the phone. I’m less prone to get distracted from what I am doing and I actually get tasks completed, as opposed to the half-finished chores that otherwise are scattered around the house.I set my time on the phone aside specifically for this. While on the phone, I wipe baseboards, mirrors, doorknobs, outlet/light switch covers. I dust and sweep. I empty trash cans. It’s not that I am incapable of doing these things, otherwise. It just makes things go so much faster. My mom knows that when I call her, she will usually hear me trying to catch my breath as I talk.

Multitasking – works for me

photo from Dutch Cowboy


  1. http://Phyllis%20Sommer says

    this is too funny but also a great tip!!!!

  2. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    That’s great babe! Combine that potty with my floral urinals and we are set! ;)

    Love ya.

  3. http://Mamabug says

    That’s what headsets were created for. I call my sisters when I have a huge sink full of dirty pots and pans.

  4. http://infinitygoods says

    Welcome to the club of fellow multi-taskers. Great tips. Everyone should do that.

  5. http://Frass says

    I’m so with you on this one! Housework is so mind-numbingly boring that it feels like a waste of perfectly good time even when I’m getting something accomplished! I find I get more done when I’m listening to music or a podcast on my mp3 player.

  6. http://Solomon%20Broad says

    I tend to put some goa trance on the PC, and just set to. And then reward myself with a coffee and a sit down at the end.

  7. http://Beth says

    I’m the same way. I could never just sit still and talk on the phone. Haven’t done that since I was 17!

  8. http://Vickie says

    Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. You will find it works wonders when you are in a creative mood in the kitchen!

    I laughed out loud when I saw your post. That last picture is hilarious!

  9. http://Beck says

    I have a sibling who ALWAYS decides to relieve himself while on the phone with me. Er, THANKS!

    I was SO spacy while we were chatting last night! I was laughing at myself later – it was the aerobics-induced pain that made my brains fall out.

  10. http://Karla says

    Beck – I PROMISE I don’t do that!!

  11. http://Tiffany says

    I try to multi-task, but seem to get sidetracked pretty easily. I like the idea of combining specific tasks, i.e. dusting with phone calls. I will have to try that and see if it works better for me. Thanks for the tip.

  12. I wipe baseboards on the phone too….something about that phone.

  13. http://tickledpink.nicole says


  14. Great tip – just don’t show that thing to my husband! ACK.

  15. http://Karen says

    He-ey…when did you sneak into my bathroom and take that photo? :)

    I usually find myself doing the same thing, although not really being conscious of it. Like you, I find those tasks go so much faster when you’re also doing something you LIKE. :) (I also find I can accomplish cleaning the whole house if I’m angry at something or someone…go figure!?)

  16. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    You are too funny! I used to watch Judge Mathis, but I got so burned out on judge shows!!! Ugh.

  17. http://JoAnn says

    Ok, I’ll have to ask for a headset for my birthday (next month). I’ve often wanted one. Now if I could just blog while washing dishes….

  18. http://Angela says

    I love this post! I am the SAME way… except that the “end” button on my phone is in a quite precarious place. When I hold it with my shoulder to talk and, say, unload/load the dishwasher I sometimes hang up on people.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! My cobwebs post seems to have resonated with a few people. Maybe I should use my phone time to tend to those. =^)

  19. http://Totallyscrappy says

    I thought everyone folded laundry while watching tv!!

  20. I’m going to keep that list in mind next time I’m on the phone. My baseboards are in need of a long phone call. Great tip.

  21. http://Laane says

    Well, it depends on what you’re doing.

    Some sounds seem to be magnified through the phone, which makes it less pleasant for the listener.

    I’m often on the listening side.
    A friend is often doing the dishes while taking to me.

    So my experiences are not all positive.

    Feel welcome to visit “works for me” at my blog

    Laane on the World

    Have a great day!!!

  22. http://Liza's%20Eyeview says

    hmmm… I’ll show my husband that bathroom, maybe we should do a minor renovation in ours ;)

    Thanks for some fun tips :)

  23. http://Jenn says

    I always get so much done around my house when I am on the phone – but I too must not get enough calls. Maybe I need to set up a calling network so that I have a friend call me each day so my house might actually get a thorough cleaning each week.
    Funny post!

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