They need to cutitoutrightthisveryminute!

I’ve got some questions… such as:

Why does your hair always look its best on the day you are heading to the hairdresser for a new style…

What does of mean?

Why do I always eat cereal out of the kid’s bowls when I am pouring it for their breakfast? (that was my sons question)

Y’all probably don’t know the answers to those any better than I do. So skip those.

What I’d like to know is:

How do you encourage children not to run in the house? We have gone over and over and over this with our children. And we just end up yelling and sending them to their rooms when they keep doing it.

The running really wouldn’t bother me, except we are on the second floor apartment. So our poor neighbors hearing running running running running alldaylong.

The only thing I have thought of, is taking them downstairs to apologize. But I’m not sure how to handle even that…

Anyone have any ideas? I’d love to know… Please?


  1. http://Mrs.%20Fussy%20Fussypants says

    Your neighbors have to just give up & move.

    Kids run.

  2. http://Sharon says

    I have no answer for your question but it made me laugh. We can hear the kid that lives in the apartment under us running!

  3. http://Jessica says

    I teach 2 1/2 to 6 year olds so we definitely have some runners. One of the things we do is make them walk back to where they started running and then walk to wherever they were going. If they continue to run then they have to sit in the “thinking chair” until they think they’re ready to rejoin the class and walk. Other times we just let them go…it’s just not always worth it.

  4. http://Sara says

    You aren’t my neighbor are you? We just moved in and all I hear is running running running. You can reprimand them, but if it’s during the day, so long as the neighbor doesn’t complain, I wouldn’t worry too much. Having them apologize might be a nice thing, but I would warn your neighbor first, so they know what is going on, and will have a good reaction.

  5. We make them walk back to where they started from and try it again.

  6. http://Liz says

    WOW, I didn’t know you could cure this, I just thought they were all that way! Just kidding, we make them go back and walk to but half the time I forgot they weren’t to be running and then don’t make them walk. So they just run. I hope the neighbors don’t stress you out too badly!

  7. http://Beck says

    Mine get a “Running in the house? Sit down! One minute time out RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!”
    I am NO FUN.

  8. http://Edi says

    I think my children missed out on the very early lesson of learning how to walk and went straight to running!

    My 5yr old claims he is NOT running, “I’m skipping” (it does look slightly different than running but it’s pretty much the same.”

    If all the usual stuff doesn’t work – there needs to be a consequence for the behavior. I have lived in an apt. before w/out kids – and let me tell you -it’s AWFUL being the person that lives under a noisy apartment.

    First make sure they know exactly what you mean – that running also means “Skipping” or “galloping” and the like.

    Give them outdoor time where they can run – a morning run around the block, a trip to the park. I know it’s not always easy getting out with kids but they need the release.

    If all that still doesn’t work – time for the consequence. Maybe no tv watching or no ???? If the kids are older – how about giving them a “fine”.

    And one thing to realize – you can do all the above – and it still might not work immediately(not to discourage you). Kids are just designed that way – full of life – and energy. Be consistent with your expectations and consequences.

  9. http://jennwa says

    I have the same questions ,when you get the answer please let me know.
    I hate the running in the house.

  10. http://His%20Girl says

    well, i have a couple of tricks we did… i’m assuming you’ve already done them, but when there is too much running in a preschool class, I advise the teacher to do this:
    1.make sure your classroom isn’t set up like a “track”- meaning, not too many open spaces or anything that looks like you can do laps around it. sometimes that means moving a little furniture so it doesn’t scream “RUN!”
    2. (I read this in a comment above, but it bears repeating) Give your kids a zero tolerance talk… even two year olds can handle a ‘class meeting’ (or family meeting) tell them that anyone caught running will have to freeze and sit where they are. you set a timer for minutes equal to how many years they are old, and that’s how long they will be stuck there in time out. no warnings, no exceptions. it will feel like a game at first, but gets real old, real fast.
    3. a lot of teachers mistakenly try to stop running kids by yelling “don’t run!” or “no running!” children really only hear the “run” part. generally kids only can hear the second half of what you’re saying (what, with all the running and all), so the second word you say is most important. what i try to recommend is that you get them to chill before you give them the command. try phrases like, “stop. walk.” or “freeze. now walk”

    alright, there is my training section for the day…sorry to be a comment hog.

    of course, the rotten mother in me is desperately trying to resist recommending you just run some nice trip wires!

  11. http://HomeSchool%20Mommy says

    Absolutely, every single time, stop them…make them walk back to the location they started and have them WALK to their new destination. If you are consistent (just like with anything else), they will tire of it REALLY fast!

  12. http://Jennifer says

    Wow! I have a 16 yr old that still runs down the stairs and with his 250+ lbs. that is loud. I hate to think what it is doing to the stairs. I still make him come back up and try again and remind him that this is a house not a jungle gym. Let’s just say the “do it over” apparently doesn’t work so good because we have lived here for 10 years and I still catch him doing it a couple times a week.
    Good luck.

  13. http://Kristin says

    I agree – move your furniture so there’s not so many opportunities to run from here to there.

    Also, I agree that you can make them sit and freeze or start over and try to walk, but the bottom line is they have energy to burn and if they don’t get to burn it outside they’ll burn it inside.


    Have fun!

  14. http://Milehimama says

    I second the making them walk. Except we make them do it ten times. Same with the door slamming – they have to open and close it silently ten times.

    Depending on the stubborness of the kids, you could make them wash the floor every time they run on it, or write sentences (I will not run like a lunatic. I will not run like a lunatic.)

  15. http://Missy%20@%20It's%20Almost%20Naptime says

    Every time they run, I would have them stop and write a letter of apology to the neighbors. Right then and there, can’t get up till you do.

  16. http://AtomiK%20Kitten says

    Nyquil and duct tape to stop the running. ;)

  17. http://care-in says

    As a family that lives under noisy neighbors with two young children I can appreciate that you are aware of the issue and want to do something about it. Our neighbors seem obvlivious. I swear they are dropping bowling balls in the middle of the living room. I can give in during the day but after a certain time at night it’s time to be respectful of other people.

    I like the idea of immediately stopping and sitting for a designated amount of time. Maybe after so many times an apology might be nice and unexpected!

  18. http://Jen says

    I’m just laughing because I dont get the hair thing on the haircut day either.

  19. http://Melanie says

    I like the idea of the apologizing. It may show them how real it is and think twice about running. You could have them write an “I’m Sorry” note and then go with them to deliver it. This is a great “Do unto others” parenting moment, but not in a shaming way.

  20. http://Proverbs31 says

    Whatever you do, be consistent. Don’t ever let it slide. Personally, I think there should always be some kind of consequence (whatever fits you: time out, swat, grounding, sentences, you pick) since you’ve made the rules clear and at the heart of the problem is an issue of disobedience. As moms we should never ever ever let disobedience slide, don’t you think? I also really like the idea of making them go back and walk (In fact, I hadn’t thought of that – thanks! I’m going to use that myself!). I would think that would help to re-train the bad habit. Good luck! God Bless!

  21. http://Anonymous says

    My son says he needs to run sometimes and asks first. One thing that helps (other than getting outside) is moving the furniture, giving him a huge exercise ball, and letting him roll over it, run around, etc and get that energy burned off, and then let him help put everything back to signify you’re going back to normal. You could also do an exercise routine. Walmart has a mini-trampoline for $19.99 with legs that fold up so you can put it away.

  22. http://Maggie says

    Um, I…encourage running, in the house.

    I don’t discourage it. I was pleased we got a house with a “loop” in it like I grew up in where they could chase each other and run off some steam for a minute if the situation called for it.

    :D I’m such a rebel…who knew?

    Switch apartments!

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