There are some things that just defy my understanding

I don’t usually write about fashion. Up until about 6 years ago, I would have qualified. But no more.

Yet here I am, for the second day in a row, throwing my fashion opinions around the blogosphere.

I may not qualify for fashion maven, BUT I do know crazy when I see it:

Just what is this? Seriously – I want to know. Do you wear it with your coat that only has sleeves? Or with your pants that don’t have any legs? Does it look even remotely comfortable?

It’s the tipy-toe shoe. Imagine your calf muscles after wearing those badboys around all day.

And I got the biggest giggle out of this sweater:

COME ON! How big were the needles used to knit that thing!

I have to hand it to her though: she looks awfully calm and collected in spite of the obvious fact that there is some sort of bird attacking her feet and ankles.


  1. http://Jenn says

    Ahh– I am now caught up on your blog!

    I have to say those first shoes are just freaky. Very strange…

  2. http://jennwa says

    Who buys that stuff? Ugh!! I can not even imagine trying to wear those shoes. People would laugh at you first because they look stupid and second because you probably spent a lot of $ on them.
    High fashion is crazy.

  3. http://Erika says

    I don’t think you could walk in those shoes!! That sweater is all sorts of wrong!!Hehehe.

  4. http://Anonymous says

    Those shoes are hideous looking. Can’t imagine walking in those things even if I were younger. The question of the day in the ER would be, “And, ma’am, you say you fell off your shoe because your heel went on the ground??????”

    Mrs. Wetzel

  5. http://Jen says

    And when are you going buy a pair?

  6. http://Big%20Mama says

    Those shoes are more than some kind of wrong.

  7. http://carrie*postma says

    LOL! You are funny!

  8. http://His%20Girl says

    I used to think there wasn’t a pair of shoes (except uggs) that I didn’t like…

  9. http://Sarcastic%20Mom%20(aka%20Lotus) says

    Uh. This brought to mind words that I KNOW you don’t want on your blog.

    Maybe we can wear those shoes as a work-out device? Sheesh!

  10. http://Ruth says

    high heels defy my understanding at the best of times…..THOSE ONES ARE COMPLETELY INSANE!

    (i’ll take the boots though — in your previous post. those are awesome!)

  11. http://Susanne says

    I think you should write about fashion more often. Your comments are quite enjoyable and laughter inducing. :v)

  12. http://Scribbit says

    Did no one tell that woman she’s wearing a pot holder??

  13. http://mer says

    Those shoes make me wanna cry…or at the very least throw them far, far away. So wrong!

  14. http://Sister%20Honey%20Bunch says

    What would happen if she leaned back? She wouldn’t be able to stop herself from falling!

  15. http://Becky%20Wolfe says

    You crack me up. Love that last line ‘bird attacking’ especially. Those shoes look nothing short of rediculously uncomfortable. A fashionista I am not these days either. Its all about comfort and now, pants that have a band around the top. Maybe I’ll get my groove back again one of these days…but I’ll remember NOT to look to the runways for my inspiration!

  16. http://Rachel says

    Ugh. To both of those.
    She looks like she’s wearing her great grandfather, who was a long fisherman’s old sweater and those shoes look someone who was drunk either designed them or broke off the heel and is now trying to pass them off as fashionable.

  17. http://Melanie says

    How on earth do you walk in those things?
    The sweater looks like a rug or as Mama would call an old coat that needs to be thrown out, a “dog bed.”

  18. http://Barb%20@%20A%20Chelsea%20Morning says

    I’d honestly love to see what she looks like walking in those horrors.

    For some reason, it made me think of the way they used to bind baby girls feet in China.

    And the second photo is beyond anything I can understand.

    Thank goodness I’m so unfashionable. If I wore this stuff, I’d probably injure myself. LOL

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