The Trail: why I run


It’s the terrain, the view, the cool dampness of the air. The edge of the trail meeting the edge of the hill. From here, I’m able to look out and around, and clear my mind’s eye.

Stress is falling off; being scattered behind me on the trail.

The ground crunches below, as though stomping out my worries and concerns.

The trail behind is long. But, if I let myself, I’m never far from recalling what I’ve left along it.

The emptiness of the trail evokes a certain sound in my mind… a ‘blip’, like the sound a machine might make as it turns off to reboot.
Cursor blinking.
Then stopping.
Blank screen.

Stress brings about many things and the image of gray hair from worry, is enough to propel me forward.

It’s been a while since I’ve de-stressed in this way. A while since the “blip” from a reboot has been heard.

That’s what running the trail arouses inside of me. Not the ability to eat unlimited amounts of greek yogurt. Not the trim physique that is reflected from the mirror. Not the fit of my jeans.
The sanity. The sanity that is saved when I run hard enough to make all of the worries and stresses fall away.

I crunch them into the ground.

It’s not just a figurative thing. It feels quite literal.

My designs aren’t good enough.


I let people down.


My thighs are too big.”


I need to be perfect.”


The trail. It is so much more than just dirt and gravel.

There is anticipation inside, as I consider what lies ahead along that trail. And what is left behind…

There is nothing like it. And there is no better way to start a Tuesday morning.

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    P.S.: The “ran across your blog” is not literal at all. A Tuesday morning run? How do you do it! :)

  2. This is the one thing I miss more than anything about my non-pregnant body. I told my husband that as soon as they open registration, I am registering for the marathon in our city. It isn’t until next fall, but with a baby coming in February, I thought that would be just enough time to appropriately train and prepare for a long run. Running (or in my case, jogging) is my sanity, and I miss it like crazy.


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