The Things I’ll Do For You

Yesterday I was foolish enough to write a post about my new hair color without posting a photo. The reason I didn’t? Too lazy to get hair fixed and makeup applied.

Yes, my vanity got in the way of your reading enjoyment.

Today, I bit the bullet – Still no makeup. Hair not fixed. But the masses are screaming for a view. ;0)

Here I am first thing this morning: (in the sun it looks more dark brown)


Not totally scared yet?

Here you go: (no sun – it looks almost black)


You are welcome.

(Do you even remember why I was posting these? Oh yes – the “overdid” hair color. Next on my list – getting my hair trimmed.)

Updated: I forgot the


  1. http://Tara says

    I like bold and beautiful! looks awesome!! i’ve gone from light to dark to light to dark….it’s fun!

  2. http://Lori says

    Ok I would not have recognized you. BUT I LOVE IT!! You sassy girl!

  3. http://Michelle%20Smiles says

    So different – I barely recognize! Fab!

  4. http://ByTheSea says

    It looks wonderful.

  5. http://Kimmy says

    You look great. Your eye color really stands out!

  6. http://punkinmama says

    Dang, I wish I looked that good with no makeup and my hair not fixed! I love the color!

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