The silver streak that isn’t

Honestly, I’ve got nothing, just some random little tidbits that are floating around in my brain.

That’s what happens when you are up at 12:30 in the morning still trying to multi-task through several things on the never-ending “to do” list.

The thing that is occupying the most space in my brain at the moment is what to do with my hair??

The issue with my hair is two-fold. I am enjoying the length. However, it tends to have a good bit of frizz due to some over-zealous coloring on my part and also because I have been in denial for years that my hair has a natural wave to it. Both contribute to the lov-erly frizz halo that tries to pretend it is my crowning glory.

The other troublesome issue with my hair is the gray. I started noticing grays in my early twenties. By the end of that decade, I had a full-blown gray streak at the left front of my hair. This could be quite lovely. I’ve seen it work nicely on others. In fact, this month’s Cooking Light has an article with photos of a woman whose hair is stylish and fab in spite… no, BECAUSE of her streak.

Mine is not.

I’ve tried highlighting it to blend in with the gray. It worked for awhile. But it is a bit high maintenance. Something this mama to four doesn’t have time or money for, since we have other things we need like, say, food…

On top of it, my grays must have super powers because they resist hair color like it has some super defense shield up. I actually went to a fancy-shmancy hair place several years ago, and she tried several colors for grays on my hair. They didn’t take. And what does take, fades within a week and turns a nice shade of brass.

Which, last time I checked, brassy hair is still not considered a hot look.

Unfortunately, the hair place that I go is of no assistance. While the ladies are all very sweet and do a nice job of trimming my hair, there is a reason they are working at LeCheapHairCutPlace and not at some top-notch hair place downtown.

Y’all probably have more ideas and suggestions than I’d get from them. So bring it on. This mama needs some hair help.

Maybe someone out there can help me and can whisk me off for a much needed makeover?!!



  1. http://dcrmom says

    If you have wavy hair, check out the book called Curly Girl on It might just change your life. ;-)

    Sorry, don’t know what to say about the gray streak that is resistant to color. I do have some grays, but for now they aren’t bad enough to warrant color.

  2. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    No suggestions here. But you look lovely in the picture on your side bar with your hair up. No streak showing there!

  3. http://stephanie@Olive%20Tree says

    I don’t have any tips at all – sorry! I have curly gray stuff popping up all over the place and *gasp* my husband likes it and wants me to leave it, the traitor. :)

    However, I do have a FANTABULOUS haircut gal in Bellevue (not terribly close to me but completely worth the drive) if you want to try someone new. And, she’s not that expensive (maybe $25-30 for the wash and cut?)

  4. http://Maggie says

    Okay, so you go ALL grey!

    :D I’m very helpful!

  5. http://Big%20Mama says

    I’m sure you look lovely. Do you use a straightening iron? It does help with the natural wave.

    I have no advice for the gray. Sorry.

  6. http://Beck says

    a) Learn to live with your wave. Go get a haircut that makes the most of it – and let your hair dry naturally whenever you can.
    b) I’ve seen some new hair colours advertised as “non-brassy”. Worth checking out!

  7. http://Anonymous says

    You are a mother of FOUR; that’s enough to give you gray hair….I know, I have four also, plus 7 grandchildren. You have earned the gray hair, I know I have plenty of gray in mine now. Hair color is now listed as salt and pepper. Have a great day.

    Mrs. W.

  8. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    I have problems with my hair too. I like that I finally have long hair, but I only throw it up in a messy ponytail!! Rarely do I leave it down to even enjoy the length! I’m wondering what to do with it. Ugh, mom hair, that’s what it is!

  9. http://Mark says

    I am not sure what the big fuss is over gray hair, but then again I’m a guy. Wear your gray as a badge of honor. We all have more important things to worry about.(now I run to avoid the beating)

  10. http://Linda says

    Grays DO have super-natural powers. So frustrating! You know, Stacy London from What Not to Wear Has a prominent gray streak sometimes. It’s sort of a unique thing. Anyway, you’re so lovely it doesn’t really matter!

  11. http://nancygrayce says

    After I got through the wedding of one of our sons, I decided that was it with the coloring…going natural….So I had my hair cut in a short, short haircut because i just couldn’t work through the roots thing. As I got closer and closer to my natural color I wasn’t sure at first if I liked it. I’m letting it grow back out now and honestly I have not had this many compliments in years! My sister was my example, she never colored to begin with and has gorgeous gray hair. So I’m GRAY and I’m proud! And I too swear by my straightening iron…I use it to straight and curl. :)

  12. http://stacey says

    i just bite the bullet and pay for a fab haircut and color and then try to make it last as LONG as possible. seriously, my gal makes fun of me cuz of how long i go between cuts. going this friday-5 months baby!!

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