the post in which I ramble about anything and everything (with a few photos thrown in for good measure)

… well, not quite anything and everything… but the rambling part is correct… and the photos…

We started 2007 just like we spent most of 2006 – with colds and coughs and snot. (but really, that’s nothing compared to how she started 2007)

Our plumbing issues (which I still have to write about) are still going on, though not to the extent to which they were – no overflowing… everythings. So the plumber is (F.I.N.A.L.L.Y) going to send a camera through the pipes later today to see what is causing it.

Along those lines, we are looking for a house to rent. Pray for that search… we have our maximum we want to pay for rent, and there are plenty in that range that are comfortable. But getting around and checking out every single one seems so daunting… Also, we don’t want Sean to have a crazy commute to work.

And just to prove to everyone that I am nothing, if not a procrastinator, may I present to you photos from Abbie’s Thanksgiving program (yes, I said Thanksgiving), Christmas decorating etc.

She sort of reminds me of Sally Field’s Flying Nun in this get-up.

That pose? Made it up herself.

Oh yes she did!


The girl is all about poses, as you can see…

and “Batman” had to get in on the fun too.
Really, that’s not Batman. It’s Quinn. Thought I’d better fill you in on that. Just in case… you know…

We also had a visit from Spiderman, to help decorate Christmas cookies.

Making our own decorations:

My snowmen cupcakes (those mouths about drove me to a padded room!)

Our Yule Log (again… not real…)

Trying to capture her profile and taking in how much she’s grown:

Finally getting to this:

They grow so fast…

Oh, how I adore my children…


  1. http://Glass%20Half%20Full says

    Loved the photos! Spiderman and Batman visit us frequently too. :)

  2. http://Big%20Mama says

    Those pictures are priceless. I think Spiderman decorating cookies should be on a Christmas card and your daughter with that pose looks like an angel pilgrim. Love them.

    Hope the plumbing gets fixed and y’all find a good house.

    Thanks for the link!

  3. http://Susanne says

    Those pictures are great and I so agree with you. They do grow quickly. I’ve heard it’s because we keep giving them food. But who knows. :v)

    Hope you find the perfect house for yourselves right at the beginning of your search!

  4. http://Beck says

    Your children are so achingly beautiful – you’re right to be so proud of them!
    I hope that the perfect house shows up quickly for you guys!

  5. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    Cute photos!!!! Loved em! I made some scare crow cookies in the fall, and they had the same mouths!! I know what you mean about the padded room thing!!!

  6. http://Jen says

    Your children are so sweet. You look like you all had a great time. Enjoy them now…they grow so fast.

  7. http://Staci says

    Loved the pictures.

    Your daughter is beautiful.

  8. http://Nicole says

    What a good mom to take the time and do crafts and desserts with all the holiday craziness. Way to go. And they turned out cute!

  9. http://peggyvb says

    Loved the pictures. Don’t know when I’ve seen Sweetums look more “Karla-ish” than in her princess pose.
    Hugs and kisses,

  10. http://Kathleen%20Marie says

    What a fun post! I love the photos and yes, kids grow up way to fast…


  11. http://Anna says

    I LOVED the spiderman picture. My littlest is a HUGE spiderman fan. We have just about every spiderman ANYTHING known to man. He has started to venture out & be obsessed w/ dinosaurs at the I was up for something new. hehe Great pictures.

  12. http://Barb says

    Of course you adore them. They’re adorable! What fun photos. She really DOES love to pose. And I agree with the flying nun thing. Too cute! The snowman cupcakes are adorable, too. Looks like you’ve all been having a lot of fun.

  13. http://~Telah says

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures. They are so cute! We have to love them every moment because they will be gone before we know it.

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