The look of love

It’s a compliment when your cat brings you a dead animal…


I just looked out our window by the front door and there is a dead cardinal by it.

Seems that someone loves me a lot.

Poor Mr. Cardinal…


  1. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning says

    It probably didn’t look very lovely. But it’s life. And death, unfortunately. At least it didn’t fly into your patio door glass. That’s when you really feel bad. Trust me, I know this.

  2. Megan (FriedOkra) says

    My cat used to just bring back a leftover organ. A little bird or mouse kidney… or liver. I don’t know if that meant he loved me a lot, or not much?

  3. Yes, a show of love, and I guess you can feel lucky it wasnt a mole or mouse or something more yucky. At least it was a pretty cardinal.

  4. We are really loved by Garfield then. He nabs a mouse, mole, or bird for us a few times a week.

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