The learning curve has changed

I am not one comfortable with going around talking about how smart my child is — I spent 12 years of school having to listen to one of my good friend’s mother brag on and on about how intelligent and gifted and lovely her daughter was – usually in the same breath as a comparison/rag on me.

Therefore, I learned early on that rarely do any good feelings with a bragging attitude.


Tuesday, my daughter came home and gave me a dissertation on the planets and the solar system. It was nothing that I hadn’t learned somewhere in my own schooling. But she was cute as a button going on about what she had learned. She showed me pictures she had drawn and a story she had written during her creative writing about the planets.


Yesterday, she came home and talked about the solar system some more and said she wanted to write some things down about it. We don’t have a book on the solar system so I did the next best thing: we got online and researched it. We discussed things we found online and then I printed some things out for her and told her I’d be in in a bit to go over it with her.

I was in the middle of something that took me a bit longer than expected. Apparently she was unfazed…

She walked out shortly and stated:

“The asteroid belt goes around the sun, too. It’s between Mars and Jupiter.”


She’s gotten to where she can read any and everything on her own. But not only that, she can comprehend it and recall it.

Like I said – the learning curve in our home has definitely changed…


  1. Sarah's In the Midst of It says

    I know it’s not nice to brag about our kids, but I think Caiden is smarter than I am. Which either means he’s really smart, or I’m just not as smart as I thought. Hmmm. :)

    And your comment about dairy made me feel much better. Of course, the fact that chocolate is one of my major food groups probably doesn’t help the belly fat situation, either!

  2. The Flip Flop Mamma! says

    When my kid brings home work, she knows to go straight to dad!! lol

  3. :) she sounds soooo very sweet. children are such an incredible gift. my little gift is just amazing my heart. God is faithful.

    shalom friend.

  4. Amazing, aren’t they? I’m just now suddenly seeing the light go on in Cameron’s little head when he learns something new. I truly can’t wait until he’s in school and reading and coming home to tell me what he learned.

    The mommy cards you make are so sweet. I’m seriously thinking these would make great gifts for my daughters. Well, for Krissy anyway. Mandy’s not a mommy yet. But sooner or later, she will be.


  5. What kid’s can learn is absolutely amazing. That’s why I was always so darn scared to homeschool. ‘Cause I’d have to learn it all first! :vD

    That particular card you have up is really cute!

  6. What a little smarty!

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