The last time I sounded so wishy-washy, I was doing laundry

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Yesterday, my two oldest kids went to Nashville Shores with some family friends. This gave me some rare alone time with the two youngest. Come August, it won’t be rare, since I will have two kids in school.

It’s hard to believe.

The truth is, there was a time when we didn’t think we would have any children schooled outside of our home. We had always thought we would homeschool. But when we moved to Tennessee, and the days drew closer for Abigael to begin kindergarten, it became evident that at that time, that wasn’t where the Lord was calling us to school our children.

Honestly, that wasn’t the word I wanted to receive from Him. I wanted to use the plans and curriculum I made in the prior 5 years. And I wanted to be surrounded by my children all day, while I protected their minds from society and filled them with goodness. I fought Him hard on this. I might have stomped my feet. Or possibly whined and pouted.

But we knew we did not want to do something against His will for us.

It’s never a good thing to wander somewhere without the Lord leading. Hello!!?? Adam and Eve?

So I am in a place where I didn’t think I would be. And I am okay with that.

At least for now.

I think so.



We will be on it like white on rice, should the Lord move us that way. But for now, I shall anticipate upcoming days of having just two kids for a bit of each day.

But not with too much anticipation – I want to relish these last few weeks of being surrounded by all of the chaos and craziness.

At least for now.

I think so.




  1. http://Rita says

    You are such a devoted mom to home school until kindergarten. Like you I would want to continue on as I had planned. It could be that Tennessee schools in your area are really good and that God new just what your family needed. I am a teacher and I love to teach in the public school system but I also understand there are many good reasons to home school. Your posts are fresh and enjoyable. Have a great day!

  2. http://Beck says

    Oh, Karla! ME TOO! That is EXACTLY my family’s story! And it makes me sad, but at the same time I’m glad that we’re flexible enough to realize what would and wouldn’t work for us as a family.

  3. http://R.L.Scovens says

    It’s wonderful that you wanted to stay in God’s will no matter what!

  4. http://Colleen says

    I just wish I could say I’m even contemplating homeschooling our boys! Its come up in conversation, but I’m just not committed to it. But I hear ya on the “keeping the bad stuff out”. I’m amazed what my older boy has picked up from other people already – and he’s only 3 1/2!

    Best of luck as August approaches!

  5. http://Jen%20-%20Balancing%20beauty%20and%20bedlam says

    That is too funny..normally your exact reasons are what my friends tell me when they decided TO home school…
    As much as I love home schooling, it isn’t for everyone, and the beauty is that there are seasons for everything. You may end up with the best of both worlds. We are ALL home school moms, whether we put them in school or not…we are our children’s best teacher.

  6. http://Jen%20-%20Balancing%20beauty%20and%20bedlam says

    Oops..should read/edit my post a bit for clarity…my friends always say they stomp their feet, whine a bit because they didn’t want to home school but felt called to change their mind. Hey – I home school and I still whine and stomp quite a bit…it’s good for dramatic effect when nothing else is working:)

  7. http://Susanne says

    I have nothing but admiration for anyone who homeschools! Me? I knew that that it was definitely not for us. I’d always dreamed of Christian school but the Lord led us differently. It was hard at the time to accept but we can see now why He lead us the direction He did.

  8. http://Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says

    I know that God is honored by you listening to Him and following His will for your family in regards to the children’s schooling. I respect your decision, knowing you’re listening to the Lord. I am sure the children will be blessed 10 x over for your faithfulness to Him.

  9. http://Elizabeth says

    *sigh* i love your blog. seriously. your heart, your words, your openness, your content. thanks for blogging. :-)

  10. http://Jenn says

    I can not believe how fast our summer has flown by – school is just around the corner. I am not sure I am ready.

    This year for three day I will have a few hours with just the baby. I am really looking forward to time with him and glad that my almost 4 year old with be learning new things and making friends but sad that he is growing up so fast. I also can not believe I have a child old enough to start 3rd grade!

  11. http://Jennie says

    Hi Karla! I have enjoyed your BLOG for sometime now, and I regret my first comment is a criticism. But I must point out that it is always God’s perfect will to home school. This article says it better than I could here:

    Saying you are no longer called to Home school, is like saying you are no longer called to tithe or carry out the great commission. The only occasion to not tithe is if you have no earnings. The only occasion not to carry out the great commission is if each person on Earth is saved. The only reason not to home school is if you have no child. The Bible deals in simple absolutes, which makes things very simple for believers. It is not always easy to follow those absolutes, but is always better for all involved.

    A child’s mind is trained in school.
    Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    I know if yo post this comment it will spark a firestorm of debate. But that has always been the case when God’s people have gone out of their comfort zone to live as He commands rather than as the world commands.

  12. http://Mommy%20Cracked says

    I was feeling Him telling us to try regular school too this year. And I’m also ok with our decision. Just wanted you to know I’m totally feeling you on this post.

  13. http://Anne says

    Wow, it’s amazing to see the words of so many people who struggle with the same issues. I always thought that my kids would be in a protected little cocoon in a private Christian school, but God has clearly said… they are in a perfect spot right where they are (public schools.) I pray daily that God will continue to lead and guide us on our journey of raising our children and help us make the best decisions re: school, church, friendships, etc. I have full confidence that He will direct our paths.

    School is just such a touchy issue because people are sooo opinionated. I try to take the stance that God deals with each family differently, and not to get bent out of shape or judgemental when a family does this or that.

    My thoughts to Jennie are this: I love scripture and those verses in the brandon staggs blog are beautiful. But it is dangerous territory to push YOUR interpretation of scripture upon other people. And a bit on the judgmental side if I do say. Can you really say that all of us who love the Lord so much and are not homeschooling our children are going against His good and perfect will? It is only He who is able to make that call. I take comfort in that because He knows my heart. Blessings to you Jennie as you walk with Him and school your children in the way He has led you!!!

  14. http://Anne says

    One more thing: Karla, I love your entries and your focus on God. It just builds me up and I strive to do the same on my blog. Thanks for sharing.

  15. http://The%20Ballinger's says

    We are a homeschooling family in Dyersburg, TN. It is tough to let your kids go, especially when you don’t want too. We have been there. Prayers coming your way! oh, yeah….I ran across yuor blog on Fuschia’s….thought I’d drop in and say HI!

  16. http://Angela says

    This is a awesome reminder to just trust God. I am facing the opposite challenge: realizing that there probably isn’t another option but homeschool for mine. I am a reluctant homeschooler–love the ideal but scared silly of the reality. God bless you for listening to His voice!

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