The fun just keeps on comin’

This morning we are headed to the doctor’s office. We were headed there for Declan’s follow up appointment but last night I had to call the office to add on Seamus. Yesterday afternoon, when he got up from his nap, he had a really awful diaper. I was cleaning him up and noticed something around his bottom… the boy has pinworms (feel free to “google” them; but be prepared to gag).

Honestly, that it something that I could have gone my whole life being blissfully unaware of…

My first reaction was horror. I mean seriously – it’s like an image from a sci-fi movie. But then it turned to shame – what had I done that my son was able to get these? Am I that bad of a housekeeper and mother?

But apparently, they are quite common. The nurse at the office reassured me of this and said that they had, in fact, had 4 or 5 other calls about them that same day.

My poor sweet boy… he is so uncomfortable.

The treatment is simple. But because children are always putting their fingers and items in their mouth it is so easy to spread and also to reinfect. So the cleaning and scrubbing… not to mention the tossing that I will be doing…

Let me tell you: it’s been quite a week…


  1. http://Ruth says

    oh man karla! i haven’t yet googled them but my imagination is enough to make me gag. thinking of you….praying for your children. hope this weekend finds some rest for you.

  2. http://dcrmom says

    Oh my goodness! You HAVE had a rough week. ((hug))

  3. http://Megan@SortaCrunchy says

    Oh, sweet mama. BuhLESS your heart!!

    Pinworms – as vile as they are – really are quite common. My brother got them when he was much older than Seamus. So not fun. Here’s to a QUICK riddance of these and that next week will be blissfully boring!

  4. http://toblerone says

    Oh my goodness! Quite the week or two you’ve had. One day I hope you’ll be able to look back and laugh at this time…

  5. http://Kimmy says

    ((HUGS)), ((HUGS)), and more ((HUGS)) are being sent your way.
    Still praying for ALL of you!

  6. http://Beck says

    You are having the WORST week! I hope they clear up quickly.

  7. http://The%20Flip%20Flop%20Mamma! says

    Oh Karla! See what happens when you don’t blog regularly? You miss out on praying for your friends! I’m so sorry to hear that your baby was in the hospital! I hope all is slowly getting better…too bad about the pin worms…from what I’ve heard they’re just uncomfy. Never seen them, and I don’t plan on googling them!! lol. I will now be praying that you all get better quickly!

  8. http://stacey says

    i hear living in a bubble is making a comeback! many prayers for all the ailments!

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