The best sick bed in the world

Friday was Sean’s last day at the hospital he’s been at since we moved to Tennessee. Before he starts at the new hospital, he took this week off to enjoy and relax with his family.

So, with the Bass Pro Shop gift card his former co-workers gave him as a departing gift, he purchased some camping gear for us. This is something we have wanted to do since before having kids – we both have fond memories of camping as children, and enjoy the outdoors.

Sean’s been out roughing it when he hunts (and I do mean roughing it), but it’s been since my infamous camping trip in college, up Pike’s Peak, since I’ve been camping (though I camped with regularity even then – and I certainly don’t mean digestive regularity; camping seems to induce anything but that…).

We were both aware that camping with children would be a different experience. But we have been willing to take the risk.

Some of you know that I have been suffering from an ear infection and severe head cold since last week. And since nothing feels better on a stuffy, yet somehow, runny nose, cough and ear infection than hot, sticky, humid weather, we went camping.

We had already decided that we would take it easy the first time, more of a quick trial run, to make sure everyone actually enjoyed sleeping in a tent and being out in the woods. Our plan was to get there a little later, set up the tent, eat dinner and hang out, before going to sleep.

Really, it was a very enjoyable trip. The kids loved it. Though, I think I have the only children on earth who don’t like roasted marshmallows or s’mores… *sigh* More for me…

The only problems were: an incorrect sized cot Рtoo small. It was like it was made for a torture chamber Рevery way I turned there was a metal bar. Then there was the fact that I was short a blanket. Sean let me use his. He was fine until about 3:00 am Рfrom that point on, he just shivered. I knew he had to be cold, because even with the blanket I was chilly.

The next morning (which Abigael got started at an unthinkably early time…) we got a fire going, ate breakfast, showered (always fun with a baby and dancing daughter), and broke camp.

We got home, tired but ready to go again.

Which is where we are headed this afternoon. We’ve exchanged the cot for the proper size, and bought Sean and I some cheapy sleeping bags at Wal*mart (the kids already had some). Bikes are set to head down to the truck, along with kickballs, coloring books and any other number of assorted children’s goodies.

I still have the ear infection, still have a cough. But really, I’d be suffering with it at home too. So I might as well be out in God’s beautiful creation, soaking it in and enjoying the laughs and shouts of glee from my children and husband.

Haven’t you always heard, laughter IS the best medicine.


  1. Glad you all had a great time!

    I think you might have the best attitude of anyone I’ve ever “met!”

    I’m not sure I would be brave enough to take 3 little ones camping while I was sick (and pregnant!)

  2. Michelle-ozark crafter says

    Sounds like ya had fun! You have a lot of courage doing what you did with that many kids! i don’t know how my parents survived camping trips with us little house apes as dad called us!

  3. Cold AND in the wilderness! Sign me up… I hate camping SO much! But I’m glad you had fun.

  4. There is something about being outside in nature.

  5. This brought back such fond memories. Remember our first trip? We went all 20 miles to Little Drummerboy Campground. I also remember the cold, cold night at Hungry Mother State Park, but mostly, I remember how much fun we had with our family. Times like that make memories for a lifetime. By the way, we were making s’mores with the kids and their friends at Mark’s over the weekend.
    Hugs and kisses,

  6. I can’t tell you how many times I went camping with my little family when I felt less than wonderful. You’re right. You’d have probably felt worse staying home than you did on the camping trip.

    Fun times. You’re making memories that will last forever.

    Hope you feel better soon though. Camping IS more fun when you feel good! :-)

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend.

    I haven’t had time to email you about my banner, but I will. Soon. Hopefully. :)

  8. Becky Wolfe says

    Indeed – your kids will also grow up with those fun & fond memories of camping with the family & now you & your hubs can form some new ones.
    Honestly, there aren’t too many cots out there that are comfy. But some of those blow up mattresses do the trick. I hope your new cot is better.

    Can’t believe they don’t like roasted marshmallows – maybe its an acquired taste – I can put one on a stick at morning noon or night. Love them – the more on fire, the better. LOL

  9. k-joi studios says

    sounds like you had a great time! I found camping much better as an adult that I did as a child/teenager.

  10. :) you are a true mother!

    i grew up camping too and have such AWESOME memories…but now that i’m older my mom has begun to tell me the WHOLE story….and what went on behind the scenes!! :)

  11. Stacy Armstrong ~ Come on in, The Studio is Open ~ says

    My best memories are camping with my mom and dad. I take my 2 camping and Love it. They can’t get enough of it.

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