The Best Laid Plans

So remember the other day, when I mentioned that I would be trying to post more?

haha haha ha ha ha…

My laptop died. Kaput. Can’t start it. I’ve run three complete system restores. Nada. Didn’t correct it. It’s not purty. Battery is good. Hard drive is good.

So I am using my husband’s 6 year old computer. And you know that in computer years that is darn near stone age. But the irony [oh, sweet Irony]? His 6 year old computer is, you know, running. And my one year old laptop is NOT.

Want some more irony?
My warranty expired Wednesday.
My laptop died Thursday.

So bear with me. (and pray for me as I pluck away on this old beast) My time online is limited a touch. And that time will have to be totally focused on finishing blog designs so that I can make money and purchase a new laptop asap.

*and before y’all start telling me to purchase a Mac? Ain’t gonna happen. I could afford to make the initial purchase. But then it would mean spending another $600+ on graphic software, because I use CorelDraw (I’m a CorelDraw lover), and it is no longer compatible with Macs.

Think I can apply for a bail out???


  1. http://Michelle%20Smiles says

    Ack! My laptop was throwing me the blue screen of death every month for the past 6 months. Geek Squad swore twice it was software issue (not covered by extended warranty I purchased and which was about to expire). Finally, geek hubby determined it was graphics card (followed quickly by sound card) but he figured it out about 2 weeks after warranty expired. I’ve been limping along.

    A surprise laptop showed up for me yesterday *swoon*. Hubby rocks. Anyway, point of this is that he loves for computers and equip. My new (refurbished) laptop 120 GB Hard drive and 2GB RAM (widescreen and full keyborad because I’m more about usability than portability) was $500. Just thought I would throw that out to you.

  2. http://CharmingDriver says

    Ack! Isn’t that always the way? I’m sure you know about them already but b/c I actually exist in the stone age and only recently became acquainted with them, check out for some super good deals in getting a replacement if the old/new one cannot be repaired.

  3. http://melinda says

    I am so like you right now… I’m also shopping for a new computer, although my old one has not quit (yet?). But for me, it will definitely be PC. It’s not that I have anything against Macs, they are perfectly fine machines. But I have a massive “library” of PC software and accessories, and I have no desire to replace everything I own with mac-compatible products.

  4. http://gail says

    oh sista! i feel your pain. my laptop has been on life support for the last 6 mo. and i know its only a matter of time before it dies. and i’m not ready for that either! mine is only 3 yrs old—you’d think they would last as long as a car!

    as far as macs—they are probably good as advertised, but my mom has one that i used the last time i visited her. tried to help her set up a blog and do some other things and i was not that impressed. maybe if you started with a mac from preschool, it’d be different.

    ps: i found you thru twitter and now have found your blog. isnt’ that the wrong way around?

  5. http://Alison says

    Bummer! But I would definitely call whoever your warranty is through and I bet they will honor it since it just missed that window. The same thing happened to our dryer a few years ago. It broke and I looked to see when the warranty expired and it was less than two weeks prior to the darn thing breaking. They honored it and the bad boy is still going. :) Good luck!

  6. http://rachel%20-%20a%20southern%20fairytale says

    EEEK! Sorry darlin’! Try the warranty company, you just never know. I am soo sorry, I hate that
    {big hugs}

  7. http://Amy%20@%20Taste%20Like%20Crazy says

    Why is it that just as soon as the warranty expires, the product kicks the bucket? Our SUV pulled a similar stunt. Extended warranty expired at the end of December and January 5th the SUV was in the shop w/3K worth of issues.

    Stupid technology.

  8. http://Monkey%20Giggles says

    I feel your pain. My Mac ibook died on me about 3 months ago…went to the backup dell computer used it for 2 months and it got a virus…11 year old daughter was sweet enough to give up her imac in order for me to continue making money online.

  9. http://Nicole says

    I just found your blogs through Simple Mom and really appreciate your writing. I’m writing about seeing Jesus in these everyday events over at I’d love to have you stop by and visit sometime.

  10. I came upon your site through Alyssa’s blog “Keeping the Kingdom First”. What is funny (maybe funny isn’t the correc word!) is that your last post has the same title as my post yesterday! Best Laid Plans!
    Enjoyed looking!

  11. http://Org%20Junkie says

    The exact same thing just happened to me last week. I was hoping to go to BlogHer this year but might have to use that $$ for a new laptop now instead. Hubbie is still hoping to find a new motherboard for me on ebay for cheap. What a drag about your warranty though…isn’t that always the way…phooie.

  12. http://Fran says

    Just glad to see you are still ok and haven’t completely lost it. ;)

  13. http://Jen says

    Oh, yes, I have been there as well. And since it’s been 1o days since you posted, I am thinking yours isn’t back up and running, is it? :)

  14. http://Jen@Balancing%20Beauty%20and%20Bedlam says

    oh no – my post went puff….
    short version – hope you have a new one up and going soon. :)

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