The best laid plans of pregnant ladies and men

In my “100 things about me post, I mentioned that I have a propensity to deliver my babies fast. Very fast.

Each one goes faster than the previous delivery – from 6 hours (from first contraction to birth) for my first child (would have been faster, but I was an awful “pusher”), to “no warning – 3 minute apart contractions from the get go – doctor not even there – Sean had to deliver – no, catch the baby – all within an hour” – for the last baby.

So, it makes sense to assume that I need to be camped out at the hospital from the end of August until this baby makes his appearance.

Obviously, that is not practical (nor is it probably legal). So Sean and I began making plans the other night.

I’ve also mentioned, on several occasions, my tendency to experience panic attacks. Don’t think for a moment, that this impending delivery and it’s likelihood for the dramatics and theatrics seen only on t.v., hasn’t caused me some anxiety. On several occasions it has kept me up at night with worry and created a bit of anxiety for me.

I know my body knows what to do.
I know I can handle it and survive the excitement.
I know it will all work out.

But the idea of delivering on the side of the road, on the way to the hospital, just doesn’t sound comfortable, let alone sterile.

Our hospital is 20 minutes away. Without traffic. On top of that, there is the logistics of getting the kids taken care of. So add at least an extra 15 minutes to the drive, and you have the makings of a bad Lifetime Channel sunday afternoon movie.

(On top of it, we no longer have a car with heated seats. Believe you me, that makes the contractions on the drive to the hospital a lot more tolerable. But realistically, I doubt I will be thinking about that too much this time…)

So, back to our plans.

In all seriousness, we have needed to think this through. My mom plans on coming down several weeks before my due date to help out and be with the kids when I go into the hospital. So that alleviates that issue.

But just in case, we are preparing for the possibility – no matter how remote it might seem or end up being – of delivering at home.

Sean works in an operating room, so he knows all about sterile environments and has delivered many babies by c-section, not to mention, delivering our last baby.

A reason I am trying not to dwell on the “what-ifs” too much is knowing that none of this may play out at all like I have worried. I may have my longest labor yet, or go 2 weeks overdue and have to be induced!!!

But it’s nice to feel prepared and have a plan and pretend I have some sort of control over it all.

I’m sure God is getting a good laugh out of the last bit of that last statement. He is in control, after all, and I know He has us in His hands, no matter when or where this baby arrives.

I’m just hoping it’s not along side of the road in a patch of grass.


  1. Oh sweetie!
    Just to make you feel better: my hospital is AN HOUR away.
    AN HOUR.
    You’re only twenty minutes away! You’ll get there in time.

  2. For what it’s worth, my first labor was 5 hours, start to finish. My second was 4, and she was 4 weeks early. I was terrified of delivering my 3rd on the side of the road. I also had a 30-minute commute without traffic, on a very busy road. I prayed that I’d go into labor in the middle of the night, and I did. And then, to our surprise, my third labor was 8 hours, and I actually needed a little Pitocin to get things moving. All that to say, you never know, but this one might not be as fast as the others. Pray, pray, PRAY that it happens in the night when there is no traffic. And (((hugs))). I know how terrifying it can be.

  3. Becky Wolfe says

    :) I’m sure many women with the 24 – 36 hours of labour are wishing they could have delivered on the side of the road instead. LOL But how fortunate that you are married to a man that knows what to do and has already done it once. Sounds like you’re in good hands, no matter where the baby may be born. For your sake though, I pray you’ll be having enough time to get there, lay down & have a doctor do the rest :)

  4. As a woman who apparently had the gestation period of an elephant, let me congratulate you on your swiftness. Better fast than slow, I think!

  5. Hey, Karla. I can totally relate. I have left a comment on your 100 things about me post, so I’m assuming you’ve read it. I have my babies VERY quickly as well. So quickly, in fact, that my second (and last) baby was delivered on our bathroom floor. My doctor has informed me that IF (and this was a big IF for her) we decide to have more children, I’ll have to be checked into the hospital a week early. If the baby doesn’t arrive by the due date, they’ll induce me and that way I’ll already be there. There is something wonderful about having babies quickly. Less time for pain. However, it’s a very unnerving and potentially scary thing to experience. For my last baby I didn’t even have time to MENTALLY prepare for his birth. It happened so fast. And six years later it’s still so surreal. I’ll be praying that all goes well as you prepare for your son’s birth.

  6. oh my goodness, Beck — I would be in trouble!
    Even in our small rural WI town we used to live in we had a hospital!

    Kimmy – that is amazing! Actually, my OB mentioned bringing me in early… I’m struggling with that. As much as I worry about the amount of time, I like the not knowing when it will happen…

  7. Praying it works out just fine! P

  8. This may not appeal to you at all, but my first baby was born in 3 hours and 1 minute from the first contraction to the finish.

    So when my due date approached, and my doctor was totally sure of that date, he scheduled me for an induction 5 days before the due date. No drugs at all. All he did was break my water and the baby was born 1 hour and 27 minutes later.

    We lived over an hour from the hospital. So Mandy would have been an interstate baby for sure.

    It worked for me and the baby and I were both perfectly fine.

    And thank you for your sweet comment, Karla. We are very hopeful something will happen for Rob and the anticipation of a new grandchild does soften the blow of his losing his job.

  9. Stephanie says

    Hey! I can relate too! They were going to send me home when I showed up at the hospital with my second… but I refused to leave and he was BORN 20 minutes later!! My regular doctor was on holidays (who knew that was going to happen), and the other doctor didn’t believe me and didn’t even show up in time to deliver!!

    But, God was still in control! It’s going to be ok… I will pray for PEACE for you. I know how you’re feeling because I’ve been through it, panic and all.

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