The bee’s knees (or trying to keep them that way…)

When I played soccer, it was mainly because one of my older brothers had played from the time he was little until… well, he still does. But his friends, who were also on the team, were always the cute boys. I grew up following him around, trying to play coy around his friends, with their cute soccer hair cuts (which in all honesty, were really just fancy mullets).

Somehow I thought that playing soccer would make me a cute girl that the cute boys would notice. After 22 years, I can finally admit that I hated playing soccer. I loved watching it. But playing it was not for me – the running up and down the (HUGE!!) field, the standing and waiting for the ball to (FINALLY!) come my way… it was just too much for me. If I’m going to run, I’d rather be headed somewhere or jumping hurdles. (Nowadays, I’m more likely to be running for ice cream).

The one thing that I remember from soccer, is that my soccer coach had the ugliest knees. They were all wrinkled, and I just knew it had to be caused by her constant half-squat stance in which she held herself up by placing her hands on her knees. I swore I would never have knees like that. I’ve tried to be aware of my stance – when I am out playing with the kids, I sometimes have a tendency to stand like my old coach. But I catch myself and change positions.

Tonight, however, as I sat next to the tub while the kids were bathing, I noticed my knees. And I noticed the dryness and the subtle start of some wrinkles. And I was horrified to realize that my knees are becoming just like my old coaches.


So I am asking and pleading, dear readers: What body creams do you recommend?? What body creams will prevent my knees from drooping, and help maintain their youthful glow?

Let’s face it, I stunk at soccer and I want the knees to prove it!


  1. That’s so funny. I never thought about stance giving a person wrinkly knees. We just use good old Nivea body lotion. The blue one.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Since we’re asking knee questions… How do you get rid of camel knees? (You know, that really dry, almost callous-like skin that comes from crawling around on the floor with kids for 5 years?) Lotion and scrubbing just isn’t keeping up.

  3. Stephanie – That is a question I would like answered too!

  4. If you get the body cream to work on you, let me in on the secret, OK? I don’t care whether it’s only for women. My wife knows I use her perfume and facial lotion.



  5. I used to sell Mary Kay and they have the Satin Hands set that is pretty good for all over the body. Works great on legs and feet so maybe it would work on knees as well. Glad to see you are doink ok with your pregnancy…not too much longer.

  6. Terri @ In His Hands says:

    That’s so funny, I was just noticing my dry elbows the other day and I have never paid attention to them before. Let’s see…you can pay $3 for Vaseline or $350 for Sjal.

    I vote for the Vaseline. :)

  7. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning says:

    Oh, Sweetie. Wrinkly knees? Just you wait. LOL

    Try super glue. That would hold everything in place. I personally am thinking about several other places I could use it. :-)

    Seriously, this is gross but Vaseline is the best thing in the world for dry skin.

  8. I don’t know if they’ll cure wrinkly knees, but coconut oil and olive oil are both touted as incredibly beneficial for your skin and hair. Staying hydrated might have a lot to do with it, too.

  9. Okay … so vaseline is good, but it is greasy. I HIGHLY recommend this cream called “Vanicream” (and unfortunately they aren’t paying me for all the advertising I do for them). We can get it here from the Pharmacy counter at our local Target – the Pharmacist can order it if they don’t keep it stocked where you are. It is the best stuff! It’s a little pricey (I think it is like $15 for a large container), but it works really well. Really. Well.
    I like coconut oil, also. We buy ours in the hair product section at WalMart – but it is only petroleum jelly and coconut oil mixed together. I like to use it at night before I go to bed since it is greasy.
    As for your stance … can’t say I’ve tried it. I did try taping the end of my nose up at night when I was a child to try and get it to grow in to a “pug shape.”

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