That’s My King! Do you know Him?

I just had to post this video set to the audio of an awesome sermon by the lateĀ Rev. SM Lockridge. Just TRY to keep from clapping!!!

(Character Lesson 3 is below)


  1. They played this at our church one Sunday. I was crying and grinning like an idiot. My husband leaned over and said, ‘Don’t shout “glory” or anything, okay?’

    I did it anyway.

  2. Our pastor played this at the end of his message a few Sundays ago.

    Isn’t it great?

    Gave me the shivers and tears and made me wanna jump up and shout (which in our church no one would have blinked about LOL!)

    I can’t wait for heaven. To meet Him face to face. To hear the name He’s chosen just for me…..



  3. Karla, I’m getting redirected to ‘delightfulblogs’ when I click anything on the video…I’ll keep trying–I really want to see this!

    THANKS for your encouraging words this week on my blog. It has been harder to write than I had thought but I am so glad to be putting it into words for my children. {}C

  4. Hi! It’s nice to meet my Christian sisters online through the Blog Party! I like this video and your site…I’ll be back to visit. Have a great weekend :)

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