Tell me some blonde jokes

I’ve been wanting to do something drastic and different to my hair for awhile now. The novelty of long hair has grown off and instead has become an albatross around my neck… and in my drain… and on the floor…

So today, I gathered myself up and armed myself for a major hair overhaul.

And I love it.

My hair is cut in a sassy edgy chin length style. (The back is shorter than the sides.)

and oh yes… It’s streaked with really blonde blonde streaks.



  1. http://His%20Girl says

    can’t wait to see it!!!

    Congrats on your new ‘do!

  2. http://Kimmy says

    It sounds great! Are you going to post a picture soon? I hope so!
    I know what you mean about all the long hair being found in places other than on your head! I am on a quest to get my hair down to my bra strap at the back, but honestly, I’m not sure how much longer I can handle all the long hair I’m finding all over the place. We have hardwood floors/laminate floors/ceramic tile all over our home, so the hair is very evident when it is “lost” all over the place. I’m finding it really annoying.
    However, I am determined to have long hair ONCE in my life, and I’d like to do it before I turn 40.
    Oh, hair dilemmas . . . don’t you just love them?

  3. http://Megan%20(FriedOkra) says

    Sounds very pretty – when do we get to see it?

  4. http://Mee%20mOe says

    yOu HaVE An AMaZING bLOg…HoPE YoU hAVE A GReAT WeEK….*simles*

  5. http://Laura says please?!?

  6. http://HRH says

    So fun!

  7. http://Beck says

    I bet you look gorgeous!

  8. http://Vintage%20Dutch%20Girl says

    I am also thinking of a shorter ‘do, but want to make sure it won’t take me LONGER to style!

    C’mon, post a pic! :)

  9. http://Not%20the%20Queen says

    Pictures, please! I’d love to do something that dramatic to my hair (minus the highlights; I’m already blond), but I’m scared to.

  10. http://Roo says

    show me da money…er… i mean THE HAIR! i would love to see your sassy new ‘do.

  11. http://oh%20amanda says

    Isn’t it the best to have a ‘do you like?!

    But no pics…?

  12. http://Anonymous says

    Post a picture of your new-do! Sounds adorable. I am always looking for my next hairstyle!

  13. http://Peapodsquadmom says

    I bet you look gorgeous! I too tired with long hair a couple of years ago. I miss being able to put it up (did a lot of french twists) but it’s so easy to fix now and made me feel “hip” or something nutty like that. ;-) Glad you like your new do!

  14. http://Reynie says

    Pixs! Pixs! Pixs!

  15. http://Jenn says

    Your new ‘do sounds so cute (& sassy!). Can’t wait to see a picture – hope you post one soon!:o)

  16. http://Beth says

    Sounds like a great cut but you need to pony up with a picture!

  17. http://Anonymous says

    Come on, Karla, let’s get a picture of the new hairdo; bet it really looks cute. I’ve seen you in all colors of hair, so now I want to see the latest “Karla do!”

    Mrs. Wetzel

  18. http://Elizabeth...mommy...etc says

    PHOTOS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. http://Linda says

    Oh we must have “the big reveal!”

  20. http://carrie*postma says

    good for you! You must post a photo…can’t wait to see it!

  21. http://Jenni says

    Ooh, sounds pretty!

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