A post with no point

I must say that the past month’s unintentional blogging slow-down has been nice. I haven’t gotten all stressed about my stats and subscribers and such. And yet the internet did NOT fall off it’s axis and y’all still stopped by to say hi and to check in.

(how sweet are y’all??!!?)

I was talking with a friend on the phone the other day and told her that I felt as though my blogging mojo was returning because I found myself crafting posts in my head. A far cry from the empty vessel my brain has been recently.

While I don’t have a story crafted for my post today, I do have a list of semi-gargantuan proportions chocked full of random nuggets of random randomness.

~ Quinn lost his first tooth. He came home from school 2 weeks ago, mentioned he had a loose tooth and had that sucker out before bedtime. He is saving up for a CloneWar toy. I’m surprised he hasn’t yanked all of his teeth out to pay for it.

~ Quinn also got sent home from school a week ago. The sheriff came to our home because the school couldn’t reach me. Quinn was covered in chigger bites (same song, 20th verse) from a trip into the woods. Someone thought they looked like chicken pox. He was not allowed back in school without a note stating that he wasn’t contagious. Fortunately, they have off school this week, so he’ll have time to heal those bites (or scratch the heck out of them and end up with impetigo again, and have to stay out of school for that next week…)

~ Several weeks ago, I purchased a can of Rust-o-leum spray paint to purty up some lamps my mom was getting rid of. The cashier asked for ID because of an apparent surge of middle aged women taking up “huffing“. It was really funny too me at the time, but after watching an episode of Intervention where the girl was addicted to Air Duster, I will never think of the song “Walking On Sunshine” in the same way. (and then I spoke with my two oldest about inhalants.)

~ NESTER and ROBIN are staying with me next weekend. That alone will be Bliss.

~ I will be moving my blog to WordPress soon. I already have it up but I used it to test a header for someone else.

~ I received a ZUNE for my birthday. Now someone please tell me: what do I need to do with it? Recommendations?

So tell me, please: What is up in your world?