A Blog Anniversary… Birthday… Blogiversary… (whatever it is), meme

Terri, at In His Hands, tagged me a couple of weeks ago to do a meme on 5 reasons I blog. At the time, we were recovering from viruses, possible salmonella poisoning, and exhaustion. So, knowing that my 1 year anniversary of this blog was approaching, I decided to wait and do it for that. Because, frankly, if I’ve lasted on this blog for a year, I BETTER have some darn good reasons. So, in no particular order:

1. I started blogging to keep in touch with family. I am not good at making phone calls or writing emails. However, since I inevitably find myself on the computer at some point (okay, several points) throughout the day, I figured a blog was a good way to share tidbits and photos.

2. From that, it turned into a journal about my family and me. I have never been a diary keeper. But there are things that I jotted down years ago – memories of waaaay back when, that I am thankful that I took the time to jot down, because I had long forgotten them. I have so many family members and in-laws who have the gift of recalling and telling stories of their childhood and their kids. But I’ve just never been good at recalling those types of things. They get shoved into the crammed spaces of my brain.Since I’m not getting any younger, blogging allows me to jot down events and conversations that I would one day forget, were it not for this blog.

3. One of the things I didn’t even realize it would become, was a place to share my faith and record my relationship with the Lord. It actually wasn’t until I set out to revamp the look of my blog that I thought about a title for this blog and how it fit into what I was writing about. My title, Looking Towards Heaven, reflects my longing for eternity – for walking with my Lord and all of the glorious wonders He has awaiting me. And, as my side bar notes, this blog is my log of the journey/trip there. Sometimes it is not pretty. It is usually bumpy. But, as long as I keep my eyes on the goal, it makes the trip sweeter. This blog allows me to sort through what I am going through and how it draws me closer to Him. Since the first day I realized that other people were actually reading my blog, it has been my prayer that the Lord would use this blog to reach someone for Him, touch someone, plant a seed or water an already planted seed.

4. I’ve been amazed at the unity of the blogging world. And that is one of the reasons I blog. There is a common thread in all of us to connect and find out “hey, I’m not the only one!!” There is comfort in that. I know I have shared things that I thought “man, I feel really vulnerable about what I just wrote…” And then someone will comment and say “ME TOO!!!” I love that. And when someone needs prayer and comfort, people jump out of the blogging woodwork to reach out and help.

5. I also blog because I have never been good at writing. Some would say that would be the FIRST reason they would not blog. But, it pushes me out of my comfort zone. Which, I am learning, is a good thing.

I’ll have to revisit this meme each year on my blog’s birthday to see if any of my reasons have changed.
I’m not tagging anyone, but if you decide to do this, leave a comment so I can read your reasons.



okay, so I didn’t get around to writing my riveting tale about my kitchen dust bunnies.

And now today, I am once again faced with what to write.

I could write about the rain pouring down.

But then I’d want to curl under a blanket and listen to it instead.

I could write about the yummy milkshakes I made yesterday (instead of blogging)

But then I’d want one (and we are out of ice cream)

I could write about the cutest boy that right now is sitting under his blanket watching a movie and sucking his knuckle.

But then I’d want to stop writing this post and go over and snuggle him.

Instead, I will write about the fact that right now, life seems, for the first time in a LONG time, normal. No one is sick. Not a single runny nose or belly ache. And the fact that I have nothing swirling around in this crazy brain of mine is so nice. I know it may only last for the day. It may be the calm before a new storm. But I’ll take it and soak it up and relish it.

What’s your favorite rainy day activity to do with your kids?

Character: Week 3 – Vision

Okay – so I am changing the way I am doing this study, for 2 reasons…

1) typing the study out probably violates some law and could get me in trouble, that I don’t mean to get into.
2) even if it were okay to do, I’m typing out the lessons and no one is responding. So, my time will be better spent typing the scripture the lesson is based on and then actually writing my thoughts on the topic.

Lesson 3 is based on Matthew 19:16-30

In this lesson, the author describes vision as the following: “First, vision is the God-given ability to see possible solutions to the everyday problems of life. Second, vision is the ability to see beneath the surface of people’s lives. And third, vision is the ability to catch a glimpse of what God wants to do through your life if your dedicate yourself to Him.”

Vision is something I have struggled with. I’ve always struggled with “Is this God speaking to me? or is it my flesh?” I don’t feel that I have a good sense of the difference when faced with a tight spot. Trust me, I can spot it a mile away when it is something obvious. But place that fine line in there and I can analyze it and rationalize it both ways and still not come to a conclusion. It ends up being a leap of faith.

I don’t always see solutions. I’m not a problem solver. I tend to get lazy and give up; throw up the white flag.

I suppose the only vision I do feel that I have is the ability to see below the surface of people’s lives. I can sense when someone is just offering a pat answer or trying to put on a brave face. What I do need to improve on is following through with those feelings. Reaching out to that person. Even as an adult I tend to fall back upon that awkwardness I had as a teenager – “what if I look stupid?” “What if I don’t know what to say?”…

I am reading Get Out of that Pit by Beth Moore. In its own way it is addressing this topic of vision. To see the grime we have surrounded ourselves with. To stop spinning our wheels in the mud and muck and reach out to God for His hand to pull us out of the tough spots. We might have been pushed in the pit, slipped in the pit or jumped in, but we can redecorate it and stay comfortable there and think that it is the only place for us to reside.

But God doesn’t want it that way. He wants to pull us out of it. And He gives us a vision for getting out and what lies beyond… if we just ask.

My prayer after this lesson is that God will infuse me with vision. I pray that I can see beyond the tip of my nose and glimpse the solutions that God has for me.

Courage, and some big news

The Lord’s timing always amazes me. And lots of times His timing shows me His sense of humor.

Those of you participating in the bible study, please accept my apologies for not writing my post on Monday’s chapter. I was experiencing my own hands-on lesson in courage.

There are a couple of fears that I struggle with. Some would seem silly — like the fact that my panic attacks are usually triggered by a fear of throwing up (lovely, I know…) I’ve always been a bit, um, dramatic, when I am sick to my stomach. One of my proudest moments as an independent college student was when I was sick and vomiting while away from home and actually survived!

Pitiful? yes…

My other fear tends to be not having enough money to get by. While I’ve learned a lot about God’s provision and grown in this area, I still find myself worried off and on.

What does this have to do with the Lord’s timing? And what does that have to do with courage?

Well, I’m pregnant. With child #4…

My heart races just writing that. Four seems so…. HUGE!!!

We are thrilled, we are excited, we are blessed.

But one of my initial reactions was fear. Fear that now we’d never get out of debt. Fear that we’d be stuck in an apartment with 4 kids, for the rest of their days at home. Fear that I’d have to wait tables for good, just to afford diapers.

But then I stopped and thought about this blessing the Lord has given to us. This child, that we offered up to Him from the time we were first married. He has chosen us to parent this child. He knows us. He knows our hearts. He knows what we need in order to properly raise this child. He knows all of that. And He still chose us.

It doesn’t make sense to me. From the world’s view, we are crazy; we are over-populating the earth. And we are one more family who doesn’t have a trillion dollars set aside to raise their child.

But God’s way doesn’t always make sense. That is where faith comes in to play.

Because I have faith that the Lord will provide for us and for this child. I have faith that He chose us for a reason. I have faith that He timed this for what is a seemingly CRAZY time to be expecting again, for a reason.

The passage from this first week of study, is a wonderful reminder of the Lord’s promises to us. And it also reminds me of the fact that as long as I am on this earth, in this body, I am not guaranteed an easy ride or things that make sense.

But I DO know that as long as I keep my eyes on Jesus, that I can be confident and not fearful! Courage is not something we are born with. In fact, having courage doesn’t mean we won’t feel any fear. Courage is faithfully moving forward IN SPITE of the fear or worry. And my trust in the Lord will allow me to do just that.

Those of you who were participating, please please please, let me know you are here! I want to know your thoughts on Courage and see how the Lord strengthens you in times of fear. Let’s stay on track with this study. We have a lot to learn…

Blessings, ~K