Blah blah blah

I’ve written a lot about not knowing what to write lately.

The irony is not lost on me.

I’m trying to force myself to write until the words just flow, the stories return, my punctuation and sentence structure improves.

Blech. (Thank you for putting up with me.)

I’ve been writing on other sites about other topics, but this blog is my tiny piece of property where I can chew on things, toss them around and try to make sense of the world, share my deep thoughts, or post random photos showing how my hands look like Madonna’s (they totally do.)

My stream of conscious thoughts are not always pretty, so I still censor. My point of view has changed on many things, and I’ve irritated too many ‘friends’ on Facebook already, so I bite my tongue.

blah blah blah…

I’m afraid of losing my voice.

It’s why I keep forcing myself to write at least one post a week, despite the fact they say pretty much the same thing, every time.

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I keep waiting for the day when my ease for words and writing returns to me.

Waiting…countless days, which turn into weeks. Adding up to months. And years…

They used to flow effortlessly, easily. Type, spell check, publish.

My writing reflected the funny I found in everyday life. Or the profound, seen in unlikely places.

Yet so much has happened since those days of effortless writing. So much that I’m not allowed to discuss. At least not yet.

When I do, I have to write in veiled terms or hidden meanings.

Some of the reasons are legal and have to do with my divorce.

Other reasons only pertained to my reputation.

Whatever that means.

I’m learning to care less about that. Most of those who I thought I wanted to let in, were angered the few times that I did share my story. Regardless of how they would have reacted in the same situation, it wasn’t what they wanted to hear.

It’s difficult. I want to be able to use my words again. To use my voice.

But my voice has changed. I don’t know if anyone will recognize it. Or if they want to.

And so I wait.

And type out more words. Hopeful that, eventually, my voice will be understood.


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No Words

Sunday afternoon, in the middle of working. Out of nowhere, a pounding on the door. Not an “Open-the-door-I-need-help!!” sort of pounding.

No. This is a pissed off pounding.

The door is opened and there she stands. Her voice seems calm.

But her eyes deceive her, and she is angry. She wants answers, but the answers don’t matter. Her words might have been the right words, but she feels wronged and is vomiting her attitude. She smirks without hearing, saying we are dishonest and ridiculous.

Over what?

A yard. Our yard.

It’s been torn up and no one is allowed to play in it for another month. Not our kids. Not hers.

But she’s not buying it.

She stomps back (through our yard), and her words are left hanging in the air.

Stinging, stagnant and ugly.


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Fear and Loathing at the Dentist

Last week I took Abbie to the dentist for a screening for her jaw. We are hoping she is selected to take part in a program at UAB that will help find ways to correct it and (hopefully) avoid surgery. Sitting and listening to them, they were throwing words around that had too many syllables and letters to count. There were only a couple of words I understood and none of them included “this will correct itself”…

It was just a screening, but we still didn’t know what to expect.

Abbie was nervous.

And tense.

She has the nicest doctor, who tried to put her at ease.

And finally got a smile out of her.

She has a long road ahead of her. No matter what or how, she will always be my beautiful girl.

Share your knowledge (or learn from others) on Guidespot

As I writer, I’m prone to feel like I always have something to share, whether it’s the latest technology news or the many uses I have for diaper wipes. It’s easy to sometimes feel self-important just because I can string a bunch of words together.

guidespot screenshot

But you know what? Everyone has something to share. A story to tell. A tutorial to make known.

A lot of you probably already have a blog of your own and that is where you share some of your knowledge with others. Whether you have a blog or not, Guidespot is a site that you will surely find a topic to learn about or you might decide to share with others.

What is a Guide?

Think of a guide as your own visual list and multi-media story. Now think of Guidespot as an online platform where this creative knowledge-sharing converge and form communities around your interests.
Building a guide offers you the opportunity to combine text, links, photos, videos, addresses and maps all in one place without having to use the techy stuff to get it done. Organize the layout of your guide by dragging and dropping the contents to your desired locations.

Getting started is simple:

guidespot get started guide

Setting up your guide is simple:

create a guide

If you write one, you can make it as elaborate or simple as you like. Add links, photos. Allow others to add things to your guide. Make it interactive. Even if you decide not to write a guide of your own, there are many helpful guides (and some fun/silly ones as well) that you are sure to find helpful.


Where to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Best of: phrases, rhymes and memory joggers to help you remember (sometimes useless) information

Haunted Drives and Spooky Spots in Colorado

Be sure to read their FAQs page for the complete lowdown.