Chicken (noodle soup) of the sea*

I’ve been looking for an excuse to share this (amazingly simple, utterly delicious) recipe with y’all.

My husband’s father was a Naval Submarine Nuclear Tech (not sure if that is the official term, but I’m going with it). At that time, the Navy was not a very family friendly division of the military. Unlike the Army, which just sent my dad oversees for a year at a time, Sean’s father was out to sea for months and months every year for the duration of his military career. (I say just sent my dad oversees for a year at a time tongue in cheek, although I do love the military; I’m an Army Brat)

Because he was out to sea so often and for so long, she was a married single mom for a lot of the years Sean and his brothers were growing up. Add to that, the fact that the Navy wouldn’t just send his dad’s check to his mom (so they’d go months without checks) and this meant having to wing it a lot when it came to meals.

Some of my favorite meals come from things his mom made up or adapted in order to stretch their food while his dad was out to sea. And this is one of them. It’s basically chicken noodle soup with a twist.

1-2 large cans of chicken broth (depending on how many noodles you use)
1 bag egg noddles
1-2 cans chicken
Boil the noodles in the chicken broth. Add a few sprinkles of pepper if desired. Add chicken about 1 minute before done cooking – long enough to heat the chicken.

In the meantime, make some mashed potatoes. If you really want simplicity, use instant potatoes. Make them a little thicker than normal.

When all items are made/cooked, put some mashed potatoes in individual bowls. Then add soup over it. (Hence the reason for making the potatoes a bit thicker.)

Oh my goodness – I love this meal. It quickly became one of my favorite comfort meals and it’s perfect for last minute meals.

*I know that makes it sound as if there is tuna in this… (thanks Jessica Simpson) But: Chicken noodle soup + the fact that this twist was born out of the times my father-in-law was at sea = my corny post title.

Where’s my Lasso of Truth?

Awhile back I ran out of Comet. Comet is my friend. I feel like Wonder Woman with the cleaning power in that yellow and green container. So running out of Comet was huge for me.

About that same time, my husband starting doing all of the grocery shopping (*hate me*) and the cooking (*double hate me*) He makes the grocery list based on what he plans on making (duh) and I add on anything I need for around the house.

You’d think Comet would have been on the top of that list.

Would you believe that I have forgotten to add it to that list for the last TWO MONTHS!

Can you imagine the disgusting look of my kitchen sink!?


Lest you think I have not cleaned my tub and sinks for two months (I’m lazy, but not that lazy. okay. I am.), I have cleaned them with bleach, but while that disinfects, it doesn’t make it sparkle and shine and get rid of stains and soap scum.

Then it hit me!

Baking soda.

And you know what?

It worked! It cleaned my kitchen sink just as well as Comet. Soap scum is gone. AND it is safe to use around the kids.

My new Wonder Woman power comes from baking soda now.

Whodda thunk?

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