A question for you. Yes, you.

Yesterday, I spent a lovely day with my brilliant friend and her cute kids (and the post she wrote today is proof-positive of that). We hung out, and then I threw my kids at her and left for a meeting at the Tennessean. Then I raced back, hung out some more, and a bit more and then realized that I was probably beginning to grow moss and had better gather myself and my youngins and head out because I also had a meeting with the Minister of Adults at church.

Do I have a point, you ask?

Oh right, yes. I did say I have a question for you.

Brevity is so overrated…

My meeting with the Minister of Adults was about the women’s ministry at church. I am going to lead a women’s bible study during the day. Our church already offers women’s bible studies, but they are in the evenings. And seriously, evenings are so sacred around here, that I can’t imagine adding one more thing. Or my head justmightexplode. And I know that there are plenty of other moms that feel this way about needing a time with other moms while being able to soak up God’s Word. And not to mention the fact that cleaning up my exploded head would be one more mess on my already full to-do list. And who has time for that, anyway…

(Is there a limit to the number of times one can start a sentence with and? ‘Cause I think I just reached it…)

My question? (really it’s many questions):

* What does your church’s Women’s Ministry do that you feel is working in a positive way? Or what do you wish it would do to reach women and/or moms?

* What are the things that it does and/or offers to meet the needs of women (and specifically, moms)?

* What bible studies have you done that you would consider great women’s and/or mom studies? (I’m looking for something other than Beth Moore. I love her studies, but I’m looking for a variety of studies, and I know that hers are the obvious choice.)

Please post your answers or thoughts in comments (or email me; though, I’d love for your answers to be available to others who might be reading this and need the information.)

I’d really love to hear you thoughts and ideas.
*edited to add: the study will be held at the church, and childcare will be provided

(ps – if you are looking to expand your Valentine’s Day vocabulary, be sure to see post below)