Have you been bitten?

I’ve had several people contact me about my Fight the Frump posts. Most of the response has been positive. But there are a few who have expressed concern over the fact that, while funny, the focus of these makes them feel bad or worse about themselves. They feel/worry that the focus of these posts is all about self-focus.

All of this got me thinking…
Somehow, we seem to equate trying to take care of ourselves with selfish thinking. And then this got me thinking about something that Beth Moore says in the Daniel bible study : from p. 26 –

They (Daniel , Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) learned the language, literature, and customs all right, but only so God could use them in the midst of it. They read the language of their culture with the lens of God. Thereby, they became culturally relevant without becoming spiritually irrelevant. Against all odds, they retained a God-centered worldview so that ultimately the world could view their God. Amazing.

It is true that if we obsess over what we wear and how we fit in, then we are focusing on the wrong thing. But there is nothing wrong with a healthy perspective on fashion and style.

Now, with that said, I’m gonna Fight the Frump Frugal-Style!

Having style does not have to cost a bunch of money.

Amount of money spent does not equal good taste.
TONS of Money wasted spent + tacky taste = expensive tacky taste. Want proof?

Spring fashions are starting to come into stores! How can we fight the frump and not break the bank?

Here are some ideas:

Have you heard of Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker? If not, you are missing out on some great buys on quality clothing. (The spring collection has not been released yet, so these examples are from the winter line, but they are super cute nonetheless.)

Check out this Not So fuzzy math: You may not be able to read the tiny writing under the photo, but those numbers I added on are correct! $27.00 for the ENTIRE outfit!

This top: $8.98

Jeans: $8.98

Next week, I’ll still be Fightin’ the Frump frugal style. You won’t want to miss it.

Thursday Thirteen – Making Christmas Meaningful

13 Awesome Christmas Links and Ideas

Because there has been so much discussion going on regarding keeping our focus on Christ this Christmas, I searched all over the web for some good resources to help inspire us do just that:

  1. Begging for Myrrh – Stressed out by Christmas presents? Try this simple approach to godly gift giving. — I have held onto this article for 3 years now… I think this is the year to try it out… (I’ve had to paste this into a post on here because the article is no longer available online)
  2. Advent ideas with kids — includes a few book suggestions including #3
  3. Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas – Ideas from A – Z — includes chapters on creating a Jesse Tree… TONS of ideas
  4. About.coms resource page for “Keeping Christ in Christmas — great ideas
  5. Creating a meaningful Christmas — (also visit Dionna at her blog)
  6. Merry and Meaningful – 12 ways to make the most of your holidays.
  7. Another about.com resource page
  8. Redeeming the Season: Simple Ideas for a Memorable and Meaningful Christmas— another book chocked-full of ideas
  9. 101 Ways to Have a Christian Christmas — yet another book with a lot of wonderful ideas
  10. Buynothingchristmas.org — I enjoyed looking around this site. It sounds extreme, but (STAY WITH ME HERE) really does have some good ideas for simplifying, like these, and this gave some food for thought
  11. Do you have the Christmas Spirit?
  12. Attack of the “Gimme Bug”! – How our family wards off holiday greed
  13. The Nativity Story — This movie, from what I have read (have not seen it) would definitely be a discussion starter during family/friend get-togethers with those who are on the fringe of understanding what Christmas is really all about…

Enjoy! Hope these are helpful! If you have other ideas or resources, please link back or leave your idea in the comments!