Muffin prepares for something big

Muffin updates have been a bit quiet around these here parts, as of late. Other parts of life have sidelined attempts to become a mini-muffin. But today you are in luck!

If you’ve missed prior episodes, you can get caught up here:

One of the goals on my list of goals is to run a marathon before I turn 40. People! That is 3.5 years away!

So for that past 2 weeks, I have been doing some research and bugging pestering annoying have asked my husband to join me. He finally relented agreed and so a new journey begins.

Some people will wonder if I got knocked on the head. But, in all truthfulness, it’s just something I have wanted to do. I have an insanely competitive and stubborn streak. That is why I learned to shoot a bow & arrow, fish, take my hunter safety course, and all sort of other tomboy difficult things, as well as give birth naturally, knit, quilt.

So here is how things stand:

  • We are starting by walking. Gotta get the muscles reacquainted with activity.
  • Then we will work in to alternately running and walking for certain distances.
  • Eventually working up to longer distances and times.

I know it will be hard. I know I will cry. I know I will hate my husband for ever talking me into this allowing me to talk him into this. I know my feet will get blistered and ugly.

But I am nothing if not stubborn. And since I have put this out there for every one to hold me accountable on, I know that I will get there.

finishing strong

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No models or newscasters were harmed in the making of this video

I don’t know what cracks me up more – her flinging her hair back to maintain some sense of dignity, or the newscasters laughing.

I think it is the laughing.

The Searching Soul

When I was in 9th grade, I started having some of those typical early-teen-deep-thoughts. You know the kind I am talking about: How do we know our universe isn’t just a speck on the head of a pin in someone else’s universe. I can clearly see myself sitting on the kitchen counter, all lights off, with the exception of the fluorescent light over the sink, chatting with my friend Jeff, on our avocado green rotary dial phone.

That phone? My nemesis when it came to my attempts at winning concert tickets. We still had rotary dial phones in our home until we moved into town my junior year of high school. Try as I might (and I promise you that I tried. Yes, ma’am I tried), I just couldn’t force that dial to spin faster than a push button phone. My chances of winning concert tickets were doomed from the start.

I digress.

As for those deep thoughts – it was all a part of trying to figure things out and my place in it all. As embarrassed as it makes me to reflect on my attempts at being deep, I recognize what I was searching for. I was searching for meaning. Meaning that I couldn’t find between the glossy pages of the latest Seventeen magazine. Meaning that Gene Loves Jezebel couldn’t satisfy.

And so it is with our souls. Our souls stir and swirl and nudge and tug. Always searching, searching, searching. There is nothing that can make us as restless as a soul that is searching or empty. Nothing as lonely.

Those attempts at deep thoughts may now make me blush, but the searching was real. I was raised in a Christian home. I accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of 6. But I got to an age where I had to make it my own. I had to question and search in order to come back full circle, to where I started and know, really know, that it was my beliefs that I was clinging to, and not just someone else’s.

I look at my children, and I know that they will each go through the same search for meaning. My husband and I can only pray and guide them as they grow. The choices are theirs.

And they will seek, and I will continue to pray that they will find the same faith that has strengthened me throughout my life.

What The?! – week 23

Have I properly thanked y’all for playing along with me at this silly little game?? I know I haven’t – and shame on me! So let me now: Thank you! It makes my Tuesday even more fun.

what the

Want a chance to win a super cute handmade item from Crafty Carolina Girl? Girlfriend make some adorable items. I will post a photo of the item for this giveaway next week. (She is still willing to help me out, even though I am so behind in helping her out with some buttons for her new Etsy store)

Guess what the following closeup is a picture of.

To enter to win:
Make your guess in the comments.
The first person with the correct answer will have their name put into a drawing for the super fab crafty item.
There will be one prize winner per month.
That winner will be randomly chosen from the prior weeks’ winners. (I will draw a name once a month from that months winners.)

*For more info on the contest, please see this page.
**Let me know if you are interested in giving something away in the future. You would be responsible for getting it to the winner.

This weeks photo:

closeup week 22

Leave your guess in the comments.

Good luck!


Answer to Last week’s photo:


Was that one too easy?

The winner was Mackenzie’s Momma, who is not only raising a daughter, but raises dairy goats.

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I’ve met me a troll

I experienced my first troll over the weekend. I’ve received a bit of spam before, but never a deliberately negative and hostile comment. The comment wasn’t on this blog, but on another one I have. And I deleted it.

If you’ve ever had to deal with a troll, you’ve probably run the gamut of emotions about it. From anger, to irritation, to hurt feelings and back again, to indifference, to laughing at it.

It’s not like this is some revolutionary topic to blog about, but it takes on new meaning when it happens to you.

Have you encountered a troll on your blog? I’m curious how you dealt with it? Did you ignore it? Respond in a kind (kill-’em-with-kindness sort of way?) Or just flat out call them out?

This article at Network Blogging Tips came out the very day I was dealing with this.


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