Mixin’ it up

Lots and lots of pictures today.

First off is my idea for Works for Me Wednesday.

Now, I have never done a WFMW, and may never post another one… I’m just not very good at coming up with things that are ingenious and fresh. In fact, I didn’t come up with this one on my own. But a lady in my bible study class last year came in with her big Daniel bible study bound. It was wonderful! Amazing! Clever! So I went to Staples yesterday and had my new A Woman’s Heart (updated version!) study bound. It cost under $5.00 for it to be cut and bound, and only about 4 minutes to do.


IMAG0066 227x300 Mixin it up

IMAG0065 300x225 Mixin it up

Now I can fold my study back and it lays flat while I work on it.

THAT works for me!

I am embarrassed to be posting these next photos… They certainly DO NOT make me feel like mother of the year… My poor Quinn has been the victim of countless bites and stings (you may recall this from last year – *he looks so little!!)… And the weekend I came home from the hospital was no exception. He and Sean went out to the woods to hang Sean’s deer cam. Along the way, Quinn sat down on a rotting log. It was filled with chiggers…

IMAG0037 225x300 Mixin it upIMAG0040 225x300 Mixin it upIMAG0038 225x300 Mixin it up

Those are not chicken pox. They are hundreds and hundreds of chigger bites, literally, from the top of his head to his toes. He has taken oatmeal baths and been sprayed down. My poor guy…

Isn’t that JUST AWFUL!!?? Again, I say, Mother! Of! The! Year!

The following photos are just because they are so STINKIN’ cute!!

Seamus was playing with the walkie talkie on the way home from Alabama on Sunday. He kept talking into it and giggling. Suddenly, his eyes betrayed him. Even asleep he tried desperately to keep that “phone” up to his ear.

going…IMAG0062 225x300 Mixin it up


IMAG0063 225x300 Mixin it up


IMAG0061 245x300 Mixin it up

A rare glimpse of Declan’s eyes:IMAG0057 Mixin it up