How to actually make it past breakfast when camping with a baby

A month ago, we made the grave mistake of trying to go camping. Sure, we’ve done it before and everyone always has a smashing good time. But this was the first time with a baby.

In case you’ve forgotten, babies like to crawl. And stick things in their mouths. And the woods have dirt all over the ground (!!!! fo shizzle!!!!)

Neither one of Declan’s parents thought this through real well. So Declan’s parents were miserable while camping and attempting to keep Declan from eating bugs and pine needles and rabbit poop.

And it didn’t stop once we went to bed. The fun just kept on keeping on.




Needless to say, we packed it up quickly the next morning and decided we would not even consider camping again until we researched it more and had a better plan.

Some of the tips I learned:

+ Bring a playpen – this seems obvious. But, hello?! We are two college-educated grownups and didn’t consider it (maybe because we don’t even own one anymore)

+ Bring a baby carrier/backpack – this we did do. But since it was our only option, my back was screaming for mercy 1/2 way through setting up camp.

+ Bring a 180 count baby wipes package. Seriously – you will need each and every one of those wipes.

+ Bring something for baby to sit in while eating. I had to hold Declan through our entire meal. I had his car seat, but I didn’t have a good place to sit it while I fed him.

+ Clothing to layer – it always ends up being much cooler at night.

Camping is so much fun. But just like everything else, you have to think ahead to make it successful.

Next time we will be prepared. And we will, hopefully, make it past breakfast.

What are your ideas for making a camping trip successful?

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