Is Christmas Break over yet?

Abbie’s Christmas Break started yesterday and of course today is rainy… so she and Quinn are stuck inside.

Yes, I have Christmas crafts to do with them.

Yes, I am pleased as punch to have her with me all day, every day for the next two weeks (oh, how I have missed her!)

But she and Quinn are filled up to HERE with sugar and excitement and the Christmas Spirit…

So, this morning they spent some time in their rooms. Twice.

Hopefully, we’ll all survive our time together ;)



PS – to the person who got to my site searching for “Things To Do for your man on Christmas” — sorry I didn’t have any good ideas prepared!

In ALL things, give thanks

My mind was wandering (a meandering wandering path, to be sure), as it tends to do, when I got to a point in my train of thought that made me stop.

I imagine, it was God speaking to me, in His quiet way.

Over the past several months, I have noticed God working in some cool ways in people’s lives. These are things that are obvious because they are things that make us happy:
financial needs met
health/physical ailments healed
new homes provided
career problems solved

We are so quick, in those instances to praise God and say “It was such a God thing”, “It was totally like God to answer my prayer in that way”, “Our God is an AWESOME God”…

However, “God things” aren’t always pleasant for us and aren’t always answered in such warm-fuzzy ways.

Sometimes, we still have to juggle our bills, our body isn’t healed, our house doesn’t sell and we seemed stuck in the same ‘ole boring job, while others seem to have all the good stuff thrown at them, even without asking…

But we are to praise the Lord with a grateful heart, no matter what. We should be willing to say “It was such a God thing” and “It was totally like God to answer my prayer in that way” even when things don’t go our way.

Our joy and recognition of God at work in our lives should not be dependent on the circumstances of our life. They should flow from us even if we don’t get what we want. The salvation provided to us, through Christ, should be sufficient cause for a joyful heart.

Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and delight in his salvation. Psalm 35:9


PS – a big thank you to everyone who gave me nuggets of comfort and advice, following my previous post. I was warmed by your responses and am so grateful! THANK YOU!!!

This makes me feel blessed…

I’ve had messes to clean up, but never like this!

THE HORROR of it! Can you even begin to imagine walking in on this!!!!!!

(PS: this was on someone elses blog. Don’t know who these kids are, but if they ever come to my house, they have to play outside!)