Hello all,

I am Sean, Karla’s husband. Karla asked that I post some information about what has been happening over the last few days. Sunday evening we discovered that Declan (our newborn) had a fever of 100.4 degrees. Most of you know that a baby less than 3 months old should not have a fever and if they do it is a cause for some concern. We decided that Karla should take the baby to the E.R. to be looked at.

The doctors at Skyline Medical Center decided that the baby’s color was concerning. Further, they felt that he was in respiratory distress and should be transferred to Vanderbilt Medical Center and proceeded to send them via ambulance. They hooked Decky up to an I.V. and started antibiotics. They did a spinal tap, took cultures and decided to keep him for 48 hours to be sure what the cultures were doing and to watch Decky’s fever to be sure it was going to go away.

After much prayer Declan’s fever went away and his color has improved. His respirations are sounding much better, but not completely clear yet. The doctor has said that they can come home either later tonight or tomorrow if all goes well. Karla has been at the hospital since Sunday night and her family is anxious to have her and the baby back home.

For all that are Christians, please keep us in your prayers. I have not been able to work during this time and I missed 4 days last week due to illness and a light surgical schedule. I do not have enough vacation to cover all of these days. I am confident that the Lord will provide. I say this in faith not by sight. Keep us in your prayers that we may all return to health (and stay healthy through this season of sickness) and that the Lord would continue to care for us financially.

God bless everyone.



Praying for your Children

Several years ago I started praying for my children like never before. But I knew there were specific areas that I was forgetting to cover them in. It is such an honor and privilege to parent my children. I want to glorify the Lord in this role He has placed me in.

I had been reading Becky Tirabassi’s book Let Prayer Change Your Life and had done an intensive study on prayer, using the book to go along with it. Her book totally transformed my prayer life. I began journaling my prayers and my prayers became 1-2 hours long as I prayed over so many people and places and situations the Lord brought to my mind.

At that time, I looked online for resources for praying for specific areas of my children’s lives. I printed these out and placed them in a page protector and placed them in the front of my prayer journal (which is just a 3-ring binder filled with notebook paper). This way, each time I start my prayer time I look at my prayer list and pray for that specific area for each child, that day (along with all of the other things I pray for each of them.)

Below are links to the resources I printed out so that you can use them in your prayer time.

40 Ways to Pray for your children.
Praying For Keeps
A Parent’s Prayer Calendar
The Parent’s Prayer
Power-Packed Prayers

I would love to hear your ideas for praying for your children.

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Links, Links everywhere there’s Links

I’m taking a break from my drama to mention several links and finds from my week.They run the gamut of topics – from seriously funny, to seriously serious, to just great information. I hope you will take a look.

One of my favorite new blogs is Megan at FriedOkra (thanks to Jules). I have enjoyed reading the story of her courtship with her husband. But this post, regarding a recent trip to the municipal pool, just about killed me. It is so funny and so gross at the same time. Please, for the sake of your computer, do not drink anything while reading this post.

Jules, at Everyday Mommy, has had many excellent thought-provoking posts this week. First, there is this one, with an excellent discussion on creating Jesus in our image and making Him fit into a nice little package of who we want Him to be. Several weeks ago, she provided a link for this site*. To read the interesting discussion on this site at her site, go here*.

You may have already heard about the bishop in the Netherlands proposing all people call their God “Allah”… The Hutch* has written a succinct post summing up the Truth regarding this* proposal.

Check out these YUMMY recipes for S’mores, at Skip to My Lou. These aren’t your ordinary smores.

I LOVE the MotherLoad! It is full of ideas for organizing your home and sticking to a budget. This post, on Social Obligations on a Budget, is a perfect example. Don’t just read her blog… check out the entire site.

In light of the impending delivery of our fourth child, I have to link to this post over at Blog for Life. Sean and I had talked about this very thing shortly after Seamus turned one. We had to wonder if we were limiting the Lord’s planned blessings for us if we took our “child bearing” into our own hands and out of His. Yes, financially, our lives will be quite different than if we had stopped after 1 or 2 children. But the Lord knew that, and He doesn’t just bless people financially. I look at each of my children and want to cry and praise the Lord for the way He has blessed our home with these precious children.

Our thinking on this topic is certainly not the “norm” — in fact I am appalled at the comments people make to me when they see me with my big, round expectant belly along with my three other children. One man asked me the other day if I was “one of the producers” and then mumbled something about overpopulation…

Finally, I am proud to mention that I was awarded this award by CMommy at Singalullaby.

It is for “those bloggers who are nice people; good blog friends & those who inspire good feelings and inspiration. Also, for those who are a positive influence on our blogging world.”

I give this to each and everyone of you who read my blog and have offered prayers and encouragement. I am constantly amazed at how the Lord uses the internet.

*Updated: Links are no longer available

I’m sure there’s a funny title for this post somewhere…

I had every intention of coming back today and posting pictures of Abigael’s first day… Instead, they will have to wait until later. I have just hobbled over to the computer to very quickly fill you in on my afternoon.

I left with Quinn and Seamus to pick up Abbie from school. I was carrying Seamus and as soon as I stepped in the grass, I stepped in a hole (disguised with a patch of grass) and totally and completely fell over (is it possible to fall over more than “totally and completely”? If so, that was me). On my way down, I heard a pop of some sort. Seamus was unhurt and so is the baby in my womb – thank you Lord!

But my ankle is another story.

My afternoon and evening have been spent on the couch with my right leg iced and propped higher than my heart. Sean has looked at it and spoken with a doctor friend of his; at the least, it is a sprain. At worst, I have a bone that is fractured or broken.

At 36 weeks pregnant!!!

Tomorrow we are going to get it checked out. Sean is staying home to get the kids taken care of and Abbie off to school.

I will come back after the appointment and let y’all know what we found out.

I had a post about an awesome thing that happened over the weekend that I know was a result of all of your prayers for me. I’ll post that Wednesday.

Until then – please pray that my ankle heals quickly. And let me know if you can think of a good title for this post.

Trying to keep things in perspective

I’ve been joking a lot lately, about being considered a geriatric OB patient. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me; but I am realizing that age is taking a toll on the ease of my pregnancy. It hasn’t been a physically difficult pregnancy – I’ve been lucky that all of my pregnancies have been problem free. But I do feel older this time around. And it has been difficult on me, mentally.

Given the fact that we just couldn’t afford a fifth child, and that mentally, I’d probably lose my mind, I know that this baby is the last baby that I will carry in my womb. I’m okay with that… I know that the joy of being a parent takes place outside of the womb. But I would be lying if I said that I am taking this pregnancy and all of it’s ups and down for granted. As each day draws closer to this sweet babes arrival I am finding it difficult to balance my desire to hold on to each kick and hiccup with my anxiety over the impending labor. I don’t want to waste my last days of carrying my last child, inside of me, dwelling in fear and anxiety over a brief time of pain. (Ironically, I also know that it is a time that I will romanticize once it is over.)

But that is what I find I am doing. I am anxious… I am having to watch my breathing… And it makes me sad that so much of my energy is currently going towards counteracting the stupidity of this anxiety. I haven’t had a full-blown panic attack during this pregnancy, but I’ve come too close, and I feel like right now I am constantly riding on the edge of one. And, given the fact that this is my fourth child, I feel like a big huge baby fretting over this…

So I ask — will you all please pray for me? Specifically, for calm and peace during the last days of this pregnancy and through my labor and delivery. I know that my baby is healthy and that he is growing well. But I have control issues, and never have I felt so out of control as I did during my last delivery. And I really really need to keep things in a realistic perspective.

When anxiety was great within me, your consolation brought joy to my soul.
~Psalms 94:19

Thank you so much, in advance, for all of your prayers.