I’m a hypocrite

One of the joys of the internet is being able to share in people’s lives and be connected with them even if you do not know each other face to face this side of Heaven. One such example is Sarah. I read her blog and know that I am not alone in my day to day struggles. (Her dear 1 month old daughter is having heart surgery today so be sure to pray for them all today.)

She had a post the other day that hit home with me, as most of hers do, but this one in particular. It’s a long post, but please be sure to read it. How many times have we all been there and looked at other people judgementally and tried to teach our children the right thing and been so proud that at least WE are teaching our children the proper things, only to realize that we haven’t learned it ourselves.

It is a daily process. We continue growing. Even if we realize that it was just a tiny bit.