Revisiting “Instagrate to WordPress”… again


I am so thankful for my iPhone and the ease with which I can stay in touch and take photos of so many moments that would otherwise fade into my foggy memory.

I use Instagram almost daily. I say ‘almost’ because there have been a half-dozen days or so, that I’ve missed since I posted my first photo on it October 16, 2010 (yes – I know the actual date) and the honest, non-exaggerating side of me wins out in this post.

Most of these photos tell great stories without a lot of words, and would make blogging easier if I could use them regularly. But I’ve had many complaints with the WordPress app. While they have made some good updates, I still find myself deciding to wait until I get home to post a photo and caption with it, only to not do it.

So I was thrilled when I found the “Instagrate to WordPress” plugin for WordPress, back in January. It takes your Instagram photos and creates posts from them, using the caption as the post title. The idea intrigued me, so I gave it a shot and was thrilled at first.

But I do take a lot of photos that I only share on Instagram, like when I post screen shots of what we are watching on Netflix. They really aren’t worthy of a post of their own, and might work better if I posted several in a post together.

Every single photo was getting posted to my blog as an individual blog post, and sometimes, what I wrote as my caption made for a real long and/or dumb blog title. I was having to edit my Instagram posts because of how I wanted them to post on my blog, which was a big ‘ol hassle… I became annoyed. So I deactivated it, and submitted a couple of requests/suggestions to the plugin author.

I’ve kept my eye on it, hoping that some of these changes would be implemented, allowing a bit more control of how things post (eg: the option to post several photos in a collage in a single post), and the number of accounts you can use on it (I really wanted to use it on Living the Life Fantastic and have both mine and Randy’s accounts linked to it). This past week I noticed that many changes have been made to it. I’m super excited to look into it more and see how they work. The drawback: many of the changes I want are in a premium version, selling for $35. Not sure if my laziness is work that or not :/

I’m curious if any of you have tried out the premium version, or if you have another way to easily make posts from your IG photos. Or feel free to tell me to just get over it.

Site Highlight: Culinary Snapshot

culinary snapshot

Are you a foodie? A photographer? Or maybe you just like looking at photos of good food (raising my hand). Culinary Snapshot is a new site, founded by Kristen of Dine and Dish and its purpose is to highlight the work of others, who, like herself, love photographing food.

There is a form to use for submitting your photos, and once received they are reviewed for approval.

Truly, this is a unique and fabulous site to look over. The photos are fabulous and there are technical details for each, so anyone wanting to know “how’d they do that” can find out.

Just started is a segment called “Through My Lens”. Each person participating will prepare the same recipe and photograph it. Photos are to be submitted by a deadline and then posted to see how each photographer interpreted the recipe through their lens.

I’ve fallen in love with this site. I enjoy good photography and good food and Culinary Snapshot features both.

Have Fun With Your Photos – free and easy

For any number of reasons, you might enjoy playing around with all of the tools (or “toys”, as they call them) at Big Huge Labs

Create fun images, jigsaw puzzles, motivational posters, cd and magazine covers and much more.

me jigsaw

All you have to do is upload your photo, either from your computer, or it can connect right to your flickr or photobucket accounts. Choose what you want to make, and it does all of the work for you.

me wharholed

I bet the kids would have fun with it on a boring rainy day.

Isn’t this the cutest!!

I’m working on my photography – trying to study lighting and focus and all of the other stuff that goes along with taking a nice photo (and boy, is there a lot! – who knew!??!)

This is the photo I was rewarded with:

Despite the less-than-perfect color, I LOVE THIS PHOTO!! Just looking at it makes me want to go pick him up out of his crib (where he is sleeping soundly) and snuggle him and give him kisses.