I love to write. It’s therapy. It’s relaxing.

My problem with writing lately hasn’t been lack of ideas or topics. My problem is answering the question “where do I write this?”

I had my own personal blog for years. Then I started a new blog with Randy, with the purpose of sharing our story. But I still wanted a place to hang my own hat  – where I could easily reflect on whatever: a book, a recipe, a goofy story from my childhood.

The issue is that my life is all of those things: the kids, my story with Randy and all of the other silly/sad/mindless/philosophical things I like to write about.

I think of a great post about the kids, but it seems to fit better on Living The Life Fantastic. I write a post on Let the Internet Help make Your Thanksgiving Dinner and put it on Modern Media Mom. Oh, and let’s not forget the Archer Creative blog.

So what do I write here?

I know that it’s in my head. I have plenty of mindless things to write about.

So how do I combine this? Can I combine that? Should I?

Things to Come

As you may have noticed, Modern Media Mom has been sitting quietly for the last several months. The last actual post I wrote was a “Happy New Year” post.

Not a good thing for a site which touts itself as being a resource for up-to-date tech news. Just sayin’…

While this site has sat silent, I’ve done a lot of thinking about how to expand it to make it even more useful for families and individuals looking to use technology to simplify their hectic lives.

It’s become more important than ever for me to do this in my own life, as it has changed dramatically in the time that I’ve been away. Technology is becoming even more central to my day-to-day life as I prepare for some big personal and professional changes.

Therefore, while my posts will continue to be informative, there will also be more of a personal element to the posts, as many of the things will be tips and ideas that my family and I will have tried out. They won’t just be tips on how to use sites you’ve never heard of, but tips on how to use sites and apps you already use in a different way.

I look forward to sharing these things with you, and I hope that you find them as helpful as I have.

As always, I want to make each of you a part of this site; if you have tips and tricks I’m happy to share them with readers.

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Life keeps on keepin’ on…

I’m still struggling with what to write on here. So much of what is on my mind is personal, and while I’ve always shared that, there are others whose feelings I must be respectful of…

But I would like to ask that y’all continue to hold me and the children in your prayers. I’m still looking for a job and because I’m still looking for a job, that is another reason I have to be conscientious of what I write.

I’ll be back to writing on here soon enough.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

So I’ve been MIA

I’ll keep this brief because otherwise it might be another 3 months until I write again… (I can’t believe that I haven’t written on here for so long.)

It’s not that I haven’t been writing. But I’ve been writing on a private blog of my own, sorting through things (Isn’t that why I always end up writing?) I just haven’t known how or what to write about what is going on with me.

Briefly: I’ve been in MD, at my parent’s, with the children, since the beginning of July. I’m looking for work. My husband and I are separated. He has since moved up here, so the children are spending every other week with one of us.

I won’t be writing much more about it on here, unless it is something that I can write about in a way that is respectful to Sean and the children. Obviously, it’s a personal matter, but it doesn’t mean that I’m not willing to talk about it, so if you are wanting to ask, feel free to email me.

Hopefully, now that I’ve tossed that out here I won’t feel the need to avoid writing on here. I just haven’t know how to deal with it in a public way. The easy way out would have been to just continue writing on here and pretending that nothing was wrong. But that isn’t how I work.

Working from Home With Children

at home

For most people, working from home sounds like a dream come true – you can be available to the children and make money at the same time.

But as most parents quickly find out, it isn’t always that simple. There are many considerations when you work from home and child care is a big one.

Work time is not “Me Time”: When kids are with the nanny or at school, resist the temptation of using daytime hours for personal leisure. The days of leisure are generally gone when you have two kids and working from home. That said, it can be tempting to use work time as “me time.” In my personal case, this only leads to stress with work piling up and needing to be done off hours- hours that should be spent with your kids, your spouse, or yourself. My evening hours are sacred family time, so I do my work during the day and keep evening hours reserved.
Kirstin Sanders, Director of Public Relations, Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC

Inevitably, a child will have a blow up while you are on an important phone call. Your youngest will suddenly become clingy and need you to hold them non-stop, when what you really need to do is be typing up an important ‘emergency’ memo.

It will happen.

So the best plan of action is to have a plan in place BEFORE it happens.

How do moms and dads who don’t put their children in fulltime daycare, work from home and keep their children occupied or watched while they work? There are two options: have someone help, or do it all on your own.

When deciding which option to choose, consider your work habits and also how your child fits into this. You know your child best, so make the decision that is best for you and for them. Most people enjoy the thought of working from home because they like the flexibility of being able to be available for their children, when they are needed.

For some parents, they find that their children and/or their job create an environment where interruptions aren’t a big deal. If you aren’t on the phone with your job, there is no need to worry about the children’s noise level. If your child plays well independently, keeping them occupied while you work may come easily.

For other parents, they are lucky to find privacy in the bathroom, let alone when an important conference call is taking place.

Some suggestions and options others have made work:

The simplest answer, when you are facing it alone, is to schedule your work around the times that your child is napping, or playing quietly, or after they are in bed for the night.

Stay stocked on kid friendly activities: play-doh, crayons and paper etc. Set up a little table near your working space that your child can play office on. Give them their own “in-box” and add things for them to do into it. Check out: Independent Play Activities on about.com

Hire a part-time student If you live near a college, you might try finding a student who attends part time to come over during the day for a couple of hours. Be sure to use that time for those work items that demand your full uninterrupted attention. Other options: hire a neighborhood child after school, swap time with another mom one day a week to take care of pressing things

Set a timer for yourself and your child. Help your child to understand that when the timer is ticking, they need to work quietly. Once it has gone off, they may request help from you.

Keep favorite DVDs set aside for only those times when you need a distraction for your child (don’t hate. sometimes, it’s necessary – and besides, it allows me to still be available to my child)

Allow yourself flexibility. Things are going to come up. Children will get sick. Something will get broken. Know when you need to take some work time off.

And most importantly, don’t forget to stop and play. One of the many beauties and benefits of being a work at home parent is having a built in playmate. Take a break and play with your child. Go for a walk around the block. Put on some music and dance. Make a work of art out of play-doh.

Remember why you came home to work and learn what works best for your family.

Sound off: How do you work from home with children? With school almost out, older children will be home, which provides another issue – how to entertain them while you work.

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