No wonder I need to cover my children with prayer

Musings of a Housewife recently wrote about Guilty Secrets – particularly regarding parenting. She revisited a post from last year and updated it after reading Suburban Turmoil’s same idea.

I laughed reading through a lot of them because I didn’t even know I was supposed to feel guilty about them! (seriously, is chocolate milk really a sin!)

And I always thought I deserved parent of the year…


So here is my list of 13 Parenting Guilty Secrets (and I know that in spite of myself, they will still turn out just fine — and most importantly… they know that they are loved)

~ I let my children watch tv. And usually too much tv (though I am absolutely a stickler about what they can and cannot watch)

~ Each child was introduced to soda at a younger age. I fought my husband off with Abigael, and managed to keep it from her until she was almost 3. But with each one, the fight got harder and less worth it. (Come on! It’s not like that’s all they drink!)

~ They eat a lot of non-organic, processed foods (though they do eat a really good variety of foods; lots of fresh veggies and fruit)

~ I don’t bathe them every day and sometimes not even every other day. (But that is my limit)

~ Occasionally, I let my children eat lunch while watching tv

~ My kids don’t do to Gymboree, Kindermusik etc.

~ My older 2 kids love to have a cup of coffee with their dad (though in reality, they finish after one… maybe two sips)

~ All of our children slept with us for at least their first year

~ Sometimes (okay, often) I have to tune my oldest son out because he is such a non-stop talker

~ My kids haven’t been to the dentist yet

~ Seamus and Quinn are behind in their vaccinations.

~ Most some days I forget to make sure they brushed their teeth

~ There are days when getting dressed out of pjs is optional

What are your guilty PARENTING secrets?