God continues to speak, even when He is saying ‘wait’

Although it has been almost a month (!!!!!!!!!) since I left for SheSpeaks, I am still processing all that I learned. There was so much to take in that it was impossible to expect otherwise.

When I boarded the plane to North Carolina, I knew that I would be moved. That I would meet women who I would form a connection with. (Hi Friends!!)

But my heart was also all aflutter with wonder at WHY I was going. Clearly, the Lord’s hand had been upon my going. And that could only mean one thing: Be prepared – ’cause the Lord is gonna move some stuff! And that thrilled me beyond words.

I’m still wondering what that stuff is gonna be. There are no clear answers just yet. For now, I am just sitting and waiting for His direction.

And I’d be lying if I said it was easy.

It’s not that I expected the Women of Faith women to come knocking on my door. But honestly, I don’t know where to begin. How to even look for open doors.

Frankly, it surprises me that it surprises me. After all I’ve been through, I know that things don’t always fall into our laps. But maybe a little crumb could fall? Something, anything, God-breathed to push me along in the right direction.

Still, there is silence.

So, for now, I wait.

And I will surrender to that, and know that even "Wait" is a God-breathed command.

I better keep the barf bag from the airplane, just in case

As you read this, I am probably up in the sky in a plane (didn’t you know I sprouted wings?) headed to North Carolina for SheSpeaks. I am flying out a day early and will be staying with The Nester (if you didn’t hate me when reading my post yesterday, go ahead and hate me now.)

I am so excited and thrilled and nervous and excited and nervous and happy to be going. (Only one out of every 100 thoughts are me worrying that someone will realize they made a mistake giving me the scholarship. Before, it was one out of every 6 or 8… so I am getting somewhere)

If you think of it, would you mind saying a prayer for me throughout the weekend? I am totally stepping into a new realm and it is only through my faith in the Lord that I can even think about it without also wanting to throw up.

I’m taking my camera and I’ll have my laptop, so feel free to leave me any words of encouragement in comments to help me.

I love you all, my sweet internets!