2010 Digital Trends

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Wondering what the trends will be in the Digital world next year?

Here are some ideas from around the web:

1. Facebook Replaces Personal Email (via Marketing Charts)

2. More Flash, Not Less (via Marketing Charts)

3. Brands Must Become More Social Online (via DesignDamage)

4. Marketing Platform Extends to Mobile, Social, and Local in Real-Time (via DesignDamage)

5. Open source software starts making proper money, thanks to the cloud (via Branding Strategy)

Click on the above links to see the lists in their entirety.

What trends do you think will take place in 2010?

Increase Efficiency by Using Social Media Apps

Social Media is fun. It’s a great way to socialize, stay informed, connect and share. But if you are wanting to limit your time on it and still keep your pulse on things,  and you aren’t using a social media application, you are going to spin your wheels and end up not getting much done.

In the last year, several applications have been released that allow you to keep track of Twitter, Facebook and other outlets all in one place, removing the need to visit many different sites. This increases your productivity by allowing you to search for specific topics and create specific groups that are most relevant to you.

Several to look at:

AlertThingy: Also allows you to integrate business social media sites, such as Yammer and Huddle.

Skimmer: a brand new (released 3/24) addition to the streaming social media sites, it also incorporates YouTube and flickr and Blogger.

If you are looking for a browser that incorporates social media, try Flock. Powered by Mozilla, it is a fantastic browser for anyone with a heavy social media life. All of your social media sites can be updated from within the browser sidebar. There are many extensions that make it even more useful.

If you want to be a part of helping develop the newest applications, SocialThing! is currently in private beta, so if you want to give it a try, shoot them a message.

What have you implemented to make social networking more efficient? Share your advice in comments.

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