I love to write. It’s therapy. It’s relaxing.

My problem with writing lately hasn’t been lack of ideas or topics. My problem is answering the question “where do I write this?”

I had my own personal blog for years. Then I started a new blog with Randy, with the purpose of sharing our story. But I still wanted a place to hang my own hat  – where I could easily reflect on whatever: a book, a recipe, a goofy story from my childhood.

The issue is that my life is all of those things: the kids, my story with Randy and all of the other silly/sad/mindless/philosophical things I like to write about.

I think of a great post about the kids, but it seems to fit better on Living The Life Fantastic. I write a post on Let the Internet Help make Your Thanksgiving Dinner and put it on Modern Media Mom. Oh, and let’s not forget the Archer Creative blog.

So what do I write here?

I know that it’s in my head. I have plenty of mindless things to write about.

So how do I combine this? Can I combine that? Should I?

Things to Come

As you may have noticed, Modern Media Mom has been sitting quietly for the last several months. The last actual post I wrote was a “Happy New Year” post.

Not a good thing for a site which touts itself as being a resource for up-to-date tech news. Just sayin’…

While this site has sat silent, I’ve done a lot of thinking about how to expand it to make it even more useful for families and individuals looking to use technology to simplify their hectic lives.

It’s become more important than ever for me to do this in my own life, as it has changed dramatically in the time that I’ve been away. Technology is becoming even more central to my day-to-day life as I prepare for some big personal and professional changes.

Therefore, while my posts will continue to be informative, there will also be more of a personal element to the posts, as many of the things will be tips and ideas that my family and I will have tried out. They won’t just be tips on how to use sites you’ve never heard of, but tips on how to use sites and apps you already use in a different way.

I look forward to sharing these things with you, and I hope that you find them as helpful as I have.

As always, I want to make each of you a part of this site; if you have tips and tricks I’m happy to share them with readers.

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Happy New Year from Modern Media Mom

new years

2009 marked Modern Media Mom’s first complete year and it proved to be a success, thanks to you, dear Readers!

Thank you to everyone who sends me feedback and suggestions. Please keep them coming so that I can make this site as helpful as possible for you.

Here’s to a wonderful 2010!

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Revisiting Open Source

j0430817 Any regular reader of Modern Media Mom has surely noticed that I have an affinity for Open Source software (OSS) and applications. After all, when people join together, ideas can come flooding out, thereby increasing the chance for a quality product.

I’ve written about several Open Source sites on MMM, and have also come across more sites that keep up-to-date listings of Open Source sites in development.

One such site is Open Source Living. Not only does the site keep a current list of OSS, but it is a community built around the idea of collaboration and member involvement. The types of OSS are broken into relevant categories and each OSS can be reviewed by users. Unfortunately, the sites ‘sourced’ section isn’t being updated regularly, but the listing of OSS is quite thorough, and the forums seem to be relatively active.

Damicon’s List of Open Source Software is another great listing of OSS. They also readily admit “Open source is not for everyone (but neither is Windows). DAMICON simply wants to help you to make an informed decision.”

Sound off: What OSS have you tried? If you haven’t tried it, what are your reasons?

Modern Media Mom is a 2009 BlogLuxe Nominee


I love what I do at Modern Media Mom. And I’m not kidding when I say that I’d continue doing it even if only one other person read it.

But everyone loves to be recognized for the work they do. And I’m pleased that Modern Media Mom has been nominated for the “Blog You’ve Learned the Most From” award at SocialLuxeLounge.com.

If you have found this blog helpful, please consider voting for it. It’s simple.

All you have to do is head here. Scroll down to the “Blog You’ve Learned the Most From” category. Click on the heading and a list of nominees will appear. Scroll down until you see “Modern Media Mom”. Click “vote”.

You can vote once a day, everyday until voting ends. So feel free to mark it on your calendar and do it daily ;0)

And THANK YOU for reading Modern Media Mom. It means so much that you take the time to stop by and be a part of things here.