chevy hhr

This is my new-to-me car.

Can I say “LOOOOOOOVE it”. I feel as though I should have a surf board on the roof and The Beach Boys blaring from the speakers.

A couple of days ago, I didn’t even realize that we would be in the market for a car so suddenly, but on the way to church Sunday, my YOUR ENGINE! IS OVERHEATING!! STOP! STOP NOW!! light came on. Sean is a fabulous mechanic (not by trade, but he rocks the car repair) and we knew that it wasn’t something that could be fixed without removing the engine, lots of expense, not to mention labor.

blah blah blee blee blah blah. (isn’t that how car talks usually sounds…)

fast forward…

We were blessed with a great deal and a reliable car. So thankful.

(* for anyone interested, it’s a [barely] used 2008 Chevy HHR).