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As I writer, I’m prone to feel like I always have something to share, whether it’s the latest technology news or the many uses I have for diaper wipes. It’s easy to sometimes feel self-important just because I can string a bunch of words together.

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But you know what? Everyone has something to share. A story to tell. A tutorial to make known.

A lot of you probably already have a blog of your own and that is where you share some of your knowledge with others. Whether you have a blog or not, Guidespot is a site that you will surely find a topic to learn about or you might decide to share with others.

What is a Guide?

Think of a guide as your own visual list and multi-media story. Now think of Guidespot as an online platform where this creative knowledge-sharing converge and form communities around your interests.
Building a guide offers you the opportunity to combine text, links, photos, videos, addresses and maps all in one place without having to use the techy stuff to get it done. Organize the layout of your guide by dragging and dropping the contents to your desired locations.

Getting started is simple:

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Setting up your guide is simple:

create a guide

If you write one, you can make it as elaborate or simple as you like. Add links, photos. Allow others to add things to your guide. Make it interactive. Even if you decide not to write a guide of your own, there are many helpful guides (and some fun/silly ones as well) that you are sure to find helpful.


Where to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Best of: phrases, rhymes and memory joggers to help you remember (sometimes useless) information

Haunted Drives and Spooky Spots in Colorado

Be sure to read their FAQs page for the complete lowdown.

Shine Your Sink with the FlyLady

While she won’t come to your home and do the cleaning for you (I know… bummer), the FlyLady has a proven track record of helping women (and men) cut through the clutter that has taken over many many a home.

I started on the program 8 years ago, after my daughter was born. I came across the site and was immediately drawn to the idea of having my home in order. At the time, I printed out all of the information and placed it in a 3-ring binder.

I received my daily email reminder for that days step.
I cleaned my sink daily. And got dressed from head to toe (though I didn’t put on shoes – we don’t wear our shoes indoors)

Then one day, I just quit. Flat out quit.
(But I did continue to shine my sink!)

I think I just got overwhelmed with all of the information. Between that and a new baby, I was destined to have a head explosion.

But I’ve thought about the FlyLady a lot and I’ve seen many others have success with her program, so I decided to take another look.

And guess what?! The FlyLady has gone high tech! She’s got a radio program, videos and she’s even on Twitter.

Some links for getting started:

Where to Start
Beginner BabySteps

I admit that I still find the site really really overwhelming to look at (and dare I say, unattractive… but that’s a hang up with the artist in me). There is just so much information.

So go in with blinders – start with the links above and move from there.

In no time, you too will be living clutter-free and doing the Super Fling Boogie.

Become a Runner or Train for a Race Online


Running is hard. But it can also be a great way to de-stress and get fit.

Maybe you’ve never been a runner, but would like to try it out. Maybe you are a seasoned runner, who just needs some encouragement to work through those winter doldrums. Wherever you fall in that spectrum, I’ve found some applications on line that will help you get moving. I’ve also included a list of songs on my Zune that help me keep my pace and my motivation going during a run.

*before you start a running program, look for articles on how to dress appropriately and how to get started. If you do it incorrectly, you’ll hate it. This site has been a huge encouragement for me as I train for half and full marathons. You can friend other runners, send encouragement to runners who are struggling, record your workouts and distances, look for races… that it just for starters. I’ve placed a widget on my personal blog as a reminder. I know it’s out there for everyone to see. And you can set your updates to automatically post to Twitter.

RunKeeper: have an iPhone? this application can be downloaded right onto your phone to keep track of your run. A free version is available. Paid version doesn’t show ads. Sadly, I have no iPhone, so I haven’t been able to try it out for myself.

FavoriteRun: map your runs right on the page and print them out. Then track your mileage, pace and times. You can save routes for others to try.

Runner’s Diary: I am motivated best when I know that others are able to see when I’m slacking. But if you want to keep your training more private, try Runner’s Diary. It creates various tables for you to track yourself: ie – avg. heart rate, calories burned, mileage. There is even a chart that will track the mileage on your shoes, so you know when to retire the ones you have and purchase new ones.

What I currently listen to during a run: (an eclectic mix of secular and Christian songs; I will update with links shortly)

Barenaked Ladies:
One Week

The Distance
Short Skirt/Long Jacket

David Crowder Band:
Can You Feel It?
We Won’t Be Quiet

The English Beat:
Mirror in the Bathroom


Gnarls Barkley:
Gone Daddy Gone

Kings of Leon:
Sex on Fire

Lucious Jackson:
Naked Eye

Spirit Thing

Sara Groves:

Getaway Car


Do you have a site that you have used that helps keep you motivated with your runs? Share them in the comments. And feel free to share your favorite running song.

Makeup Markdowns

I’ve never been a foofy girly-girl – I’ve always leaned towards girl with a touch of grunge.
EXCEPT when it comes to makeup. I love makeup. I love applying it. And I’ve always liked wearing it.
I don’t want to become a shopping blog… but I found some good makeup discounts that I had to share:

Pur Minerals is having a Buy one Get one Free sale on some of their Holiday KITS and makeup brushes.
Purchase $50.00 worth or more, and get free shipping.

This Travel set from Clinique is marked down to $18.85 – a great deal for two lipsticks, eyeshadow trio and eye cream.
A Travel set with a travel size bottle of Happy (my favorite summer scent) is also available for $16.85

SkinCare RX (which carries some of my favorite skin care lines), SkinBotanica and Apothica are offering 20% off everything. The buttons below will take you there – and be sure to use the code. (good until December 20th)

Apothica Holiday Sale - Save 20% Storewide!  Use CSkinCareRx Holiday Sale - Save 20% Storewide!  UseSkinBotanica Holiday Sale - Save 20% Storewide!  U

I’m not one to go out and spend a lot of money on fancy cosmetics and skin care treatment, but I am becoming aware that this old gal ain’t getting any younger – and I would like to be able to treat myself to some good products (read: something not bought at the drugstore). And sales like this allow me that.

I’ll occasionally share this sort of stuff. I’ve always loved scouring the internet for good interesting links. And with the ecomony as it is, I’m learning to scour for good deals as well.

Let me know if you’ve seen any good pricing for cosmetics.

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