Clothing for your Transitional Size

After Abbie was born, I looked for pants to fit my newly expanded body. I didn’t want to fall into the standard sweatpants style, so I found me several nice elastic waist pants that were very comfortable and would hold me over until I was able to fit back into my regular clothing.

Abbie is seven, and I still wear those pants. I’ve worn them casual and I’ve worn them dressed up with heels to church.

But this past weekend my husband called me out on wearing them while Fightin’ the Frump. He says that they are the equivalent to wearing *gasp* sweatpants to church. And that he feels like people are wondering why he can’t afford to buy his family real clothes.

Then he told me he was gonna burn them…

Sooooooo… you’re saying you don’t like them??

He dragged my butt to WalMart under the guise of purchasing a wireless router. But then he shoved dragged walked me to the ladies clothing section. It had been forever since I tried on clothes; since before I got pregnant with Declan. I have a lovely wardrobe of pre-pregnancy clothes, and I am determined to fit back into them. That makes it hard to justify spending anything on transition clothes.

But seriously, there is nothing wrong with finding something flattering and comfortable for this season in my life. Who knows… my body may settle into this size.

I found three pairs of pants that really boosted my spirits. They are comfortable and yet, look really sassy and nice.

First, I found these great dress trousers from the George line ($17.95)
From the Lee Riders line, these stretch front khakis. ($17.95) Mine are actually a bit flared at the bottom. More of a boot cut.

And my favorites: Lee Rider Trouser jeans ($18.95). Very comfortable and flattering. Mine are a really dark blue with gold stitching, like the pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans I had in 5th grade. I had a pair similar to these right out of college and I adored them. I outgrew them They shrunk, so I was thrilled to find something similar after all these years.

What about you? Do you force yourself to wear sweatpants when you are in a transition size? Or do you allow yourself to give in and purchase something that actually flatters your new shape and figure?