Mom Jeans That Totally Aren’t

Several months ago, I was approached about becoming a Lee (Jeans) Fit Ambassador. Apparently, they enjoyed my write up that went along with my giveaway last year and decided to entrust me with writing nice things about them.

The nice thing is that it is really easy for me to do that. All of the jeans I have owned for the last 4 years have been Lee Jeans. Before that, I just didn’t wear jeans very much because I couldn’t find any that fit me comfortably around the waist. I am high-waisted, and most jeans wanted my waist to be lower, resulting in a super uncomfortable, “get-these-freaking-things-off-of-me-NOW”, misery-inducing fit.

I got my first pair on sale at Kmart for $15.00. And not only did they fit, but they were boot-cut as well. I still have them. I still wear them. And they still look and fit great. (ok – there was that loooong period after birthin’ babies that I couldn’t wear them, but I used them as my gauge for my weight loss)

Back to the current season: Lee has introduced their new Colorwash Collection, which comes in a rainbow of colors and styles for every body type. They sent me these beauties. If I hated them, I’d let you know.


(Lee Colorwash bootcut pant in Riviera Blue, $44)

I didn’t.

I’ve worn them to church. Worn them to dinner. Worn them to grocery shop. Worn them to a hockey game.

They were the punch of color that my wardrobe needed for the spring. The color is fabulous. The cut is oh-so-stylish. The fabric has some give and stretch. And best of all: They FIT COMFORTABLY!

Lee will be sending me more pants to try throughout the coming year. And I will be giving my honest opinions on them. They are not paying me, only sending me pants to try and give honest feedback on. Be sure to be on the lookout for my reviews.


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Winners of some amazing Lee Jeans

I learned several things from this contest:

We women are PASSIONATE about finding a good pair of jeans! We’d be willing to do just about anything (legal, of course!) to find them and make them ours.

When we find a pair of jeans that fits, we will hang onto them no matter what – even if the button is broken and the knees are saggy.

There is nothing like a contest to get y’all to let me know you are around! (And I’m THRILLED by that! I’ll run a contest every week if I have to, to get your attention) — unfortunately, I haven’t found the secret to getting companies to notice me and request me run giveaways.

I wish I could send you all a pair of jeans. How cool would that be? (And how popular would I be??!!) But I had to pull out the Random Picker (know in these parts as my son) to pull the names out of the bowl.

Following is the list of Winners:
Please email me your name and mailing address and let me know if you want them medium-dark blue or dark blue in color:

Congrats to:

Charming Driver said…I would love a new pair of jeans b/c it’s been far too long since I’ve had a new pair of jeans :)

peggy – (whose comment was accidentally deleted by me early sunday. ~K; I’ve contacted her via email)

His Girl said… jeans for me… would LOVE a new pair, please :)

Owlhaven said… Jeans–yes, I want them! going to twitter! Mar

Bunny B said… Subscriber!

Lala said… I will tweet it, I will blog it and bingo, I subscribed. I’d like to win because I just had a baby and there’s nothing more frustrating that buying new jeans. Make it easy, send me some…..please.

Chappyswife said… Hi, Karla! I posted about your fabulous jeans giveaway here:

topsytechie said…Love your new blog profile pic. You are rocking the cute cut! I’ll tell you why I need these jeans, if you promise not to tell anyone else…the jeans in my closet right now are all ELASTIC WAIST!!! Yes, those ones that 4 year-old boys insist on? Those are the kind I have!! But I hate uncomfortable jeans…so if these are miraculously comfortable but still look good, then sign me up!

Mommy Cracked said… I need these because I’m sitting here in my mom jeans that have a missing button on the closure. Halp!

carol ~ i throw like a girl said… I twittered, too!! Have a great day!

Due to a couple of unexpected events, I will announce the 10 winners of the Lee Jeans tonight, by 7PM.

My apologies for the delay!