Earlier in the year I wrote about Cozi and gushed about how fabulous I though the site was for creating lists. I’ve long been a fan of their clean, simple design and layout, their useful and relevant ideas and “how-did-I-live-without-that” tips.

Amazingly, the site just keeps getting better. They have added more content, including an online magazine (Live Simply) and menu planning (Nourish), but have still managed to do so in a way that is easy to navigate.

Two other new features:

Still not convinced if you should try it?

From the site:

Wish you had some help organizing your busy family life? Cozi is a FREE online family organizer that helps you manage the family calendar, organize your shopping list and to do list, share favorite memories in a family journal, and enjoy family photos—all in one spot. With Cozi’s mobile access, your information is not only available from any computer with an Internet connection, but also from any mobile phone. All you need to get started is a Cozi account and signing up is quick and easy with no downloads required.

Using Cozi has really helped me stay organized and keep track of my children’s busy schedules. Having it all in one place, without the mess of scratch paper, crumpled notes shoved in my purse has saved my sanity many times.

Let me know if you’ve used Cozi and how it’s changed how you organize your time and family.

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Keep A Private Online Diary

A blog is what people typically think of when they are considering writing and keeping a journal online. But what if you are wanting to keep a journal that allows you to insert photos and easily share your entries, while also allowing you to keep it private and secure?

Penzu is one such site. Not only is it super secure (if someone were to obtain your login and password, they’d also have to enter a password to read any entries you have locked), but it is easy and fun to use. (I love the notebook paper background) And? It’s free.

When I first came across Penzu, the concept seemed a bit odd. The idea of typing all of that info out and then saving it where no one can see it struck me as a waste of time. But, I am a blogger because I am comfortable with putting personal thoughts out on the web for others to see. If I wasn’t comfortable with that, my options would be:

  • pen and paper (shoot me now. I hate writing with a pen and paper. plus my handwriting has gotten horrid since college)
  • using a word processing program (cumbersome)

So I can see how a site like Penzu would be worth a second look.

Another plus is that it is easy to insert photos and, if you choose to, share your entries with others.

Be sure to take advantage of the “Print” feature. You wouldn’t want to risk losing all of your memories to a server disaster.

For more info:
Why use Penzu?
Penzu – FAQ

Another option:
Google Docs: free; easy to use. Docs can also be shared with others. However, not password protected/locked

Share: Do you journal? If so, do you use a blog? pen and paper?

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Family Management Tools – Using Cozi

If you are anything like me, you’ve got lists all over the place. Lists for groceries, lists of activities on a calendar, lists of memories that you may one day (but probably will never) scrapbook… And they probably are covering your fridge.

It’s hard keeping track of everything that goes on around a home – field trips, meetings, sports practices.

Cozi is a site where you can manage your family’s calendar, make lists (groceries, to do) and even post photos and journal.

And it is super simple to figure out. Better yet – it’s free!

Your home page will look something like this (but not with that super cute baby – he’s mine):

(click photos to enlarge for more detail)

cozi home screenshot

You will immediately have access to your journal, calendar and shopping lists.

When you choose your calendar and set it up, you can assign a different color for each family member. Then when you view your calendar, choose to view all members or individuals:

family calendar screen shot

Access your lists – create new ones, print them, even search for recipes (!):

Cozi grocery list screenshot

And be sure to use the journal to jot down things you don’t want to forget, such as cute babies in a vest and tie:

family journal screenshot

See – simple. You are sure to find something about Cozi that will help you manage your family better, and allow you to see your fridge again.

photo: striatic; screenshots: mine