Confessions of a messy gal

Is it just me, or does your car get like this too?

I don’t think a trip in the car has ever gone by without some new piece of trash being tossed on the floor of my vehicle.

Because I am so super smart, Mensa qualified, scored 180 on IQ tests, copied this from Good Housekeeping several years ago, I no longer suffer from losing my children in the car every time we take a trip in the car..

Get a laundry basket for your car. Keep it in there at all times. Use it to put in all things that need to be brought in from your car – trash, toys, sports equipment, kids… And the double duty part is that when you bring home groceries, put your grocery bags into the basket and you can carry in several at a time.
I’m lazy.

And a slob.

So this works for me.


What a difference a week makes! It is beautiful here ~ warm and sunny. Lovin’ it!

I took two online IQ tests today. Depending on which one you believe I am either above average intelligence or a genius. (Guess which one I choose to believe??) But it got me thinking — which test do our kids get when they are tested? There was such a difference between the two. I know I’m not the first to wonder this, and certainly won’t be the last, but truly, am I a genius or not, and if I took the same tests tomorrow would I have yet another result? Would I be deemed brain-dead?