making another full recovery

from everyone being sick, once again… It must be the “we moved to a new place” sickness. We’ve been passing things around since we moved here. I just went for three straight weeks with a cold, sinus infection and then another cold (maybe flu?) I went to pick up medicine last week and couldn’t decide what was best so I went over-board with it and was prepared to take a couple of bottles of medicine back. Guess what — we went through them all! Not a drop left.

Oh — and I’m an official four-eyes now! I actually like my glasses; which is a good thing ’cause I am supposed to wear them all the time. Apparently, I don’t use my right eye very much. Explains those headaches I’ve had frequently.

I had my full training at Hope Clinic two weeks ago – so I can officially start my volunteering there now (I still need to meet with the coordinator and sit in on some sessions but I’m considered an official volunteer now). Pray for me as I begin this. The girls need prayers and I will need prayers for God’s words to speak through me.

I just finished reading House by Ted Dekker and Frank Perretti. I love books by both of these authors and this did not disappoint. It is interesting to me how Ted Dekker typically takes a biblical principle and weaves it into a story that makes you see the ugliness of sin and the love and beauty of Christ. (His Martyr’s Song series is a beautiful example of Christ’s love)