What 2009 taught me

nothing is certain… we all know that. i’ve had to relearn that lesson many times and this year it seemed to be a monthly lesson; the ‘Groundhog Day’ version of my life.

i don’t want it to be for nothing, so i’m making this list to help me pretend i’ve got this all figured out.

what i’ve learned in 2009:

• family will always have my back.
• finding a job of ANY kind is a full-time job and the pay sucks.
• love doesn’t see age
• my kids love me regardless of my status
• things that seem as though they’d be simple never are
• i will never be someone who has things fall into her lap
• priorities are easy to figure out but harder to implement
• true friends can be found online and may never get to meet in person
• there is more to life than attention
• life is sweeter when shared
• i am stronger than i was 12 months ago
• i’m still prone to pouting
• being called ‘over-qualified’ doesn’t make getting passed over for a job any easier to swallow
• living out of boxes and maintaining your sanity takes dedication
• being 38 and living with your parents to be able to make a better life for yourself and your children is humbling
• some people really do make an impact on everyone they meet
• there really are people who care about me

Here’s to 2010 being a good one…