If loving these is wrong, then I don’t wanna be right

Everyday I open my Comcast mailbox to check my mail.
Everyday there is a shopping sidebar with boots, jeans and handbag categories.
Everyday I only give it a passing glance, if that, and move on.
Everyday it shows the same pictures of the same items.

But today was different.

For some odd reason – maybe it’s because the Moon is in the upper left quadrant, between New and third quarter, so the phase is waning crescent (or something like that) – but my eye lingered on that column today, and I found myself strangely drawn to these:

Ack! I hate UGGS. Or so I thought… I’ve been repulsed and repelled by them for years now and have been perfectly satisfied with my repulsion of all things UGG. But something about these drew me in and took hold of me and won’t let go. I can’t imagine actually wearing that sweater-type material anywhere where there is really snow (Think ugly acrylic sweater getting soaked in water). But since I live in the part of the country that seems to split snow-storms in half and never sees so much as a spittle of snow, I think they’d work. (And yes, I know they are made out of wool and not acrylic)

I think I am more in like with the Dusty Rose. The beige is a little too beige for me.

This is all a pipe dream. First of all, they are back ordered and secondly, they are $139.95 (Just add the extra .05 to the price people! You’re not fooling anyone into thinking they are saving anything.)

On top of it all, I went to the UGGS site to link to it above, and found out they made these too:

I think these would be appropriate for wearing while I ride our thoroughbred horses out on our country home. In England.

And then these:
Perfect for walking the streets of Aspen or Breckenridge while doing some power shopping.

You know I am kidding.
There is no way I could ever ever ever ever justify paying $500.00 for a pair of shoes.
And I don’t have horses.
Or a country home in England.
And the closest I’ve been to Aspen is driving along Interstate 70, through Colorado.

But listen up, UGGs People. This little lady, with a humble little blog would gladly review a lovely pair of your boots for you! I’m sure I’ll garner waaay more attention for you than that little unknown who had them on some obscure Favorite Things list of her’s.

Do you hear me!?!?

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