Don’t Be Afraid to Tell Your Story


I’m disappointed.

Earlier this year, I wrote a post about something that happened in my life. It would be silly to try and deny that I was nervous and fearful about sharing it. I knew it would shake people and ruffle feathers.

For two years I’d held on to my story, afraid to tell it.

Ultimately, on that post, there were two unsupportive commenters (and several people who ‘unfriended’ me). One had a confrontational tone, whose intention, I imagine, was meant to embarrass me. I easily shrugged that one off.

But it was the second one that, months later, I still find myself pondering and tossing around in my mind.

I was told that some things do not belong on blogs and that my post was one of those things.

My story had no place on a blog. Even my own blog.

…insert long pause…

I had many thoughts about that comment and still do, because ultimately, the post wasn’t just about telling that particular story, but about the fear that I felt in writing it.
In telling my own truth.
My story.

And why?

Because… I was afraid that it would make others angry at me.
Or not like me.

{hate me.}

Do you know what?

Out of the hundreds of emails, comments, texts, tweets and phone calls I received, all but those two were able to relate in some way and applaud me for having the courage to write what I did.

Despite my fear.

Some of those people may not have even agreed with what I wrote; I don’t know… But they supported my right to tell my story and didn’t try to make me feel badly about doing so.


Because it was my story to tell.

From my perspective.
About my own experience.
Through self-examination.

When all was said and done, the story wasn’t even about what that commenter implied and was pissed off about. But rather it was about sharing something so that others could maybe… hopefully… learn from something I’d experienced.

I will always shake my head at that comment. But I will continue to tell my stories.

Despite the feathers they may ruffle or the way people may be made uncomfortable.

Not everything looks pretty from every angle, but everyone has a right to tell their own story.

And you should tell your own.
Without fear.
Without anxiety.

Unless you are making up your stories and selling them as ‘truth’.

In that case… you’re on your own.

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Q&A Frump Style

So I’ve got some questions for you. I know from experience, that my readers come out in droves when I ask y’all questions. {I totally love that, by the way} So I know you won’t disappoint.

My questions: (feel free to answer one, all, or stick your tongue out at me)

Do you have a hairspray that you recommend? I don’t want anything stiff. Just a nice movable hold, that might add some volume. (is that even possible?)

Has anyone tried Oil of Olay’s Regenerist? I see it recommended, and winning wrinkle tests, but curious if it really does a good job (skeptical, much?)

Is a professional hairdryer worth the money?

There you go. Opinions? Ideas? Suggestions?

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Whath doeth youth say tooth them?

How do you explain teeth falling out to a child who has never lost one? I don’t recall being nervous about it as a child, but my daughter was. Now she is a pro at it. But I have three more kids after her who will be losing teeth one day.

I was able to comfort her, ease her anxiety that it was not going to hurt. But I am wondering about fun, creative ways to make the whole tooth-losing experience less scary.

Does your hair age you?

Yes, I am talking about THAT again!

What I want to talk about today is hair. Y’all know that hair is an issue for me. I’ve been fighting with mine for years now. Last year and the year before that were good hair years, with a few bad days spattered here and there. But all in all, my hair was good to me.

Now, it is back to it’s unruly self and committed to age me beyond my 28 36 years.

We all have those days when our hair won’t behave. But let’s not resort to this:
There are other options. Like staying home!

Only celebrities can get away with this.

The rest of us need to realize that leaving our roots showing and hair unruly makes us look older than we are. Not that I know from experience. Remember, the point of this isn’t to be a fashion plate. But to serve as a reminder that it is okay to take care of ourselves.

One of my favorite options for bad hair days is a headband.

No, not this:
I know this is what you probably imagine when you think of headbands. But stay with me, because it is possible to look stylish and casual while wearing a headband.
The reason? They now come in super cute styles. This is a fun one:

And one of my favorite can’t do a thing with my hair looks is this easy style:

love love love love love this. Love it!

Headbands are a great alternative to clips and they can dress up even the old standby: the ponytail. Because let’s get real – I’m a mother to four. I don’t have time to stand around primping my hair. I’m about quick and easy. But I’m trying to add cute and stylish into that equation.

What are your favorite ways to fake a good hair day?

Who couldn’t use this right about now?

The holidays can get so stressful – gifts to buy, wrap and send. Homes to decorate. Food to bake. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the reason we are doing it all in the first place. We forget to stop and rest and take the time to share our day with our Lord.

But guess what?

Here’s a great idea to help you experience rest this holiday season…

Nancy McGuirk, author of the new devotional, Rest Assured, is giving away a Rest Assured Weekend Getaway at The Cove. Her book helps women rest by taking God at His Word. Plus, Nancy is offering the chance to win a weekend experience of rest in 2008 at the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove in Asheville, NC.

The prize package includes a relaxing weekend for two with exceptional food, lodging, and a 3-day seminar with your choice of noted Christian speaker, such as Chip Ingram, Gary Chapman, or Tony Evans.

Nancy’s book, Rest Assured, and the Weekend Getaway make great gift ideas for busy friends and family. Anyone can register at No purchase is necessary, and the winner will be announced on December 15th. Don’t wait, register today!

How awesome does this sound?

If you win, I hope that you are blessed with some rest in the arms of our Lord and come back refreshed and renewed.