The irony – oh, it does not elude me

Just yesterday, Beck wrote a post for my blog about kids and wrestling and blood. There was much crying and in the end a popsicle made it all better.

I read it with a nodding head, knowing that I too, would react in the same manner, but thinking, maybe, just maybe I could keep my cool. I also thought to myself how lucky I had been by being spared from much blood in my home.

Last night, I had the same sort of thing happen, right here in the House of Chaos.

Sometimes, I wonder what the Lord must see in me that makes Him feel that I need all.of.the.stretching. Because when stuff falls apart, if falls apart good and plenty.

As I write this, calm has settled over my home [even if just temporarily]. But just a brief time ago, it looked like the scene in Home Alone, when the family realizes they’ve overslept and frantic moving and running ensues.


Recently, my two-year old [Seamus] has been testing to the nth degree. He has taken to some tantrum-type behavior. The sort of behavior that makes me want to pluck my eyelashes out, one-by-one. But along with it has come this sweet snuggly side. He’s always had that sweetness side, but as some of the naughtiness has increased, he seems to need the snuggles more. To make sure he doesn’t get thrown out with the trash, perhaps?

Tonight, the kids had popsicles after dinner. The two older kids went outside with their Dad and their popsicles, while Seamus stayed inside with me. I told him to stay seated at the kitchen table, while I nursed the baby.

The next thing I knew, there was screaming and crying from my bedroom.

I would love to say that I went in there and scooped him up and held him close and reassured him.

That is a lovely image, isn’t it?

The reality was this: I stomped back to the bedroom [my adult temper tantrum], mumbling about the popsicle! being back there!… and the carpet!… and the not! listening! and mumble mumble mumble

I grabbed him and carried him to the table and gently sat him in his seat. Meanwhile, I blathered on and on and on enlightened him about the delicacies of beige carpet and deep berry popsicle.

Finally, I looked at him closely and realized that the color around his mouth didn’t match the color of the popsicle. Different color.

Flashes of Beck’s post zipped before me.

There on him, was a huge gash across his mouth, right below his bottom lip. It looked as though his tooth had gone right through the lip.

I calmly and collectedly called “SEANNNNNNNNNN!!!!” for my husband. Initially, we thought we were going to have to take him to the ER for a stitch or two. But after cleaning him up and further examination, we realized that the tooth had not gone through the lip. {But something he fell on did slice the outside of the lip.}

He is sleeping peacefully now. And I am reminded, once again, that I have a tendency to overreact. And to let fear and anger get in the way of gentle mothering.

I can’t help but wonder if that is, in fact, what the Lord has been trying to teach me through the chaos.

So much randomness, so little space

I’ve been accumulating a bunch of tidbits/links recently that I’ve been wanting to post about. None of them on their own seemed to warrant a post of it’s own. But I think I have accumulated enough now to get a post together.

Bear with me. It will be a rambling ride.

Before I get to all of my randomness, let me mention that it is my beloved’s birthday today. (yes, October is a busy month for us. And we still have one more after this) He is 37 today. I am so thankful he was born! I love him dearly and he keeps me sane and grounded. Happy Birthday, P!

*updated to add a request* please pray for him. He seems to have some sort of stomach issues going on. This time last year he ran into the same issues and the doctors couldn’t determine what it was. It went away on its own eventually. But it took awhile and was very uncomfortable in the meantime. Not only is his health a concern, but the fact that he is out of sick days at work (due to a severe flu episode 2 weeks ago and then Declan’s hospitalization last week). As it is, we are only receiving a paycheck this Friday for just 3 days of work. Please pray for Sean’s healing; specifically a touch from the Lord that will take away his stomach troubles. Also, please pray specifically for healing on our family. We have been very ill and used up our emergency funds on *emergencies*. Now we need to recover financially from that and I find myself worrying about something else happening in the meantime. I know the Lord is faithful and will provide. And thank you for your prayers.

Tidbit #1
I was reading WonderTime magazine Saturday and found an article on geocaching. I am hooked on the idea of it and have already told Sean that I must borrow his GPS this coming weekend. When Abbie found out that she could go digging for candy, she was ready to go NOW!

Geocaching is defined at Wikipedia as “an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers (called “geocaches” or “caches”) anywhere in the world. A typical cache is a small waterproof container containing a logbook and “treasure,” usually toys or trinkets of little value. Today, well over 440,000 geocaches are registered on various websites devoted to the sport. Geocaches are currently placed in 222 countries around the world and on all seven continents, including Antarctica.”

Tell me that doesn’t sound like something the kids would absolutely love!! It’s like being a pirate – but without the ship and water.

There is a site – – that you can visit for locations of caches, log your finds etc. I checked our zip code and there were over 200 caches buried within 50 miles of it.

There are rules to follow, such as: take something to replace anything you may take from the cache you find…

Let me know if you decide to do this and what you think.

Tidbit #2
Is he not the cutest thing?

(Thank you, BoutiqueMom for this link)
Click here for a Flickr tutorial on how to make this little guy (or some little monster your own child draws up.) The tutorial includes photos and written instructions.
If you make one, I’d love to see it!


Tidbit #3
I would love to see my little guys in this hat. Thanks to, I came across these cute hats from Handmade and adorable.

Tidbit #4
I came across this link via The MotherLoad. Gorgeous, cheery kitchen paint job.
Click here to see what Amy at DayLab DIY did to these cabinets.

Tidbit #5
Thanks to Toblerone, (at Better Things Ahead) I was able to completely verify that I am, indeed, totally right-brained. Come back and tell me what you are after you visit this link. I can only see her spin one way, which totally blows my mind to think that other people are seeing her spin the other way. The brain is amazing…

Tidbit #6
Check out this amazing wallpaper by Shiyuan. The flowers “grow” when heat hits it! (you’ll have to scroll down a bit)

To close, I’ll mention that Declan is doing very well. When he went to the doctor’s on friday, he weighed in at a respectable 8# 8oz! Amazing, considering that on the day he was taken to the ER (just 5 days earlier) he was 8# 2oz… And even more so considering he was 5# 11oz at birth, just 6 weeks before.


It’s been one of those weeks – Quinn’s trips to the ER, crazy high fevers, Sean’s aches and pains and dizziness and to top it off, I got some kind of stomach something and as of thursday afternoon was incapacitated. One second I was laying on the bed resting, the next I felt like Regan from The Exorcist!

Praise the Lord, we made it through. I’m on the mend, the house it still standing, the kids were fed and aren’t wearing the same clothes that they had on Thursday.

Not Convinced it Wasn’t West Nile Disease…

Last night I was suffering from “cute photo-induced delerium” (see here) and therefore forgot to post on the main thing we’ve been dealing with for the past week:

Quinn has been to the emergency room twice since last Wednesday night.Last wednesday we were getting ready to head to church and I showed Sean a spot on Quinn’s arm. I had thought it was just a mosquito bite, but by the time I showed Sean it was HUGE and oozing. The bite spot made it look as if his elbow was dislocated (it was at his elbow but on the front of his arm) It looked really ugly so we thought it best to have it looked at. We took him to the ER and it turns out it was some sort of bug bite with cellulitis, but we have no idea what type of bite…

Here he is being a good patient (in two senses: he also had to wait and wait… which he did very well)

Here he is being “official” with his arm band


I couldn’t get any good ones of the bite…

On Friday he got a fever and complained of a headache and by saturday he was dealing with a 103 fever.

Sunday he slept all day and his fever was pushing 105. We gave him a lukewarm bath and got it down to 101. We also noticed some weird spots on the back of his legs. We didn’t know if any of this was somehow related to the wednesday incident and by sunday evening he was burning up again (pushing 105; his temp hadn’t been below 101 the whole time.)

I called the pediatrician’s office and she recommended taking him to the ER again since it could have been some type of staph infection from the original bite. So, Sean took him in. They were there from 10 pm – 4am — waiting for most of that time. They diagnosed this trip as an upper respitory infection. As of last night (tuesday) he was still dealing with a high temp (got back up to 104 yesterday) and still has those crazy bites on his leg…

So basically it is all as clear as mud. No idea what any of the bites are from; don’t REALLY know if the fever isn’t somehow related to those things (although he does sound stuffy today) He just woke up a bit ago and feels cool. Hopefully, as the day progresses it will stay that way.