Making a Mess and Learning to Let Go of Perfection

Recently, I’ve been feeling like, creatively, I’m sitting in a stagnant pool of cold murky gray water.

I’ve always been a creative person. I’ve found outlet after outlet to express my creativity, whether thru drawing and painting, writing, photography, graphic design, knitting, quilting. Something.

And I still do.

But lately, I’ve been struggling to find that creative spark; the one that ignites and burns and makes you see everything thru a different lens.

I’ve been playing around with things, trying to fit square pegs into round holes and nothing is catching fire. I even signed up for “Art Every Day Month”.

Do you know how many days I created something outside of my work?


So I began doing some research (how uncreative!!) and went to the bookstore, and I came across this: Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes

One of the most critical aspects of growing your creativity is to let go. Forget about perfect. Ignore perfection. Give.It.Up. And that is the what this book is about. It’s easy, no-pressured exercises in making mistakes.

Today was my first day. And now? I’m so excited about it that I purchased a domain, and I’ve set up a flickr group.

I am so excited. Beyond excited!

What am I asking? I’m asking you to join me. If you can, purchase the book. Work through it. And, once I have the Flickr group all set up, post your creations there. (**UPDATED: Flickr Group is hereIt’s not completely set up yet, but in the spirit of this, I’m letting go of that desire to wait until it’s “just so” and throw it on out there**)

Please know: There’s no pressure to keep up with this on a daily basis. Create whenever you desire.

Let’s do this. Let’s share our imperfect creations and realize that art is art and a creative mind comes in all shapes and sizes.

(ps – the book link is an affiliate link… all that means, is that if you purchase it using that link, I can buy a soda at McDonald’s)

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Open Source Sewing: Burda Style

I’ve mentioned here before that I have a love for Open Source (OS), whether it be software, design or development. Free doesn’t mean it’s cruddy when it comes to OS.


Burda Style is a sewing site that has adopted the Open Source philosophy:

While creating BurdaStyle, we were captivated by the open source philosophy: the sharing of intellectual property and allowing the public to adapt it to their specific needs. We assimilated the concept to BurdaStyle, removing the copyright from our patterns. Our open source sewing patterns are free to be used as a base for your own design. Whatever you sew, you can sell if you like. We believe that removing copyrights from our designs will inspire creativity and spawn multiple new designs – and that’s wonderful!


(Summer Dress with a Bow)

Not only is it a site for learning techniques and gathering ideas, but readers can contribute their own tutorials, tips and techniques. The “How-Tos” section is fabulous – with a plethora of instructions. There is even a category for Maternity Wear Alterations.

It is also a community with an active forum and a blog.

Whether you are a seasoned sewer, looking for new patterns, or a newbie wanting to learn some basic “how-tos” Burda Style has it covered.

Get Organized in 2009 With Free Calendars

photo: puzzlemepuzzle

Are you still looking for the perfect calendar to hang on your wall? Maybe you want pages to print out for making your own day-planner.

Check out the following links (provided by

  1. Organized Home Calendar Pages: Clean and simple design, perfect for Household Notebooks.
  2. Free 2009 Calendar: BlueAntStudio’s calendar including some pretty cool chairs and the “Classic Chair Commando” design.
  3. James Paul Photography Calendar: A single page calendar which you can download and print at either A3 or A4 size. It’s ideal for a notice board or on your wall and comes in two flavours. The first is “Ingleborough from Scales Moor, Ribblesdale” a great view from the Yorkshire Dales, whilst the second is “Trotternish Ridge, Isle of Skye”.
  4. Make Your Own Calendar: This PDF calendar creator displays 12 weeks on a single page, but you can customize it to display however many weeks you want. Also has a one month per page format available.
  5. Compact Calendar 2009: This year’s design from David Seah. Circle dates and underline ranges, writing notes in the empty space on the right. It is basically a form of doodling your schedule. The calendar for an entire year can fit on a single piece of paper, with plenty of room for notes.

For a full listing of available calendars, continue reading at

Microsoft Debuts Oxite Blogging Engine

WordPress has more competition to be. Microsoft’s Codeplex team has developed an open source blogging engine, called Oxite, that can support simple blogs and large web sites such as its own MIX Online.

Read more about it here.

What does this mean for you?

I don’t think this is big news for newbie bloggers, right away, as it is still in testing. But it will be interesting to see how the platform will compete with WordPress.

The screen shots showed a nice, easy-on-the-eyes look and design. Time will tell if it performs as well as it looks.

Busy Busy Busy

That is what I am.

My to-do list? It looks like someone vomited activities all over it.

And it keeps growing.

A sampling from it?

Currently have 5 blog designs I am working on

2 Blog Buttons

Need to prepare and email a quote to a customer for Thank you cards and Holiday Cards (it’s never to early!)

Finish up a proof for place cards and table cards for a customer’s wedding

Mail 3 Mommy Card orders

Add to that the fact that we are in the midst of a complete redesign for a huge re-launch at Blissfully Domestic. I’ve got a lot of design work for that.

Family? Oh yes! I’ve got one of those…

And we are moving in a week and a half {!!!!!!!!!!!!} I wish I could say that the boxes were packing themselves. But they aren’t.

Do you have something you’ve requested of me?

If so, and you haven’t heard from me, please be patient with me, but kindly email a nudge to me so that I can reorder my to-do list.

{I did take time away from my to-do list yesterday to head to Kohl’s, where I scored $170 worth of clothes for myself for $60. Actually, it came to $3.00, because I had $60 in Kohl’s cash from our Back-to-School shopping. SCORE!}