Blah Blah Blah – some total random-ness

So I was sick again yesterday… this time, I am pretty sure it was pregnancy sickness. But oh, how it is beats me down!

Everything triggers my gag reflex! brushing my teeth, fixing lunch (yesterday’s lunch resulted in me actually having a follow-through on the gag… if you catch my drift; sorry, don’t want to get too icky graphic…)

This morning I went to Sears with the gift cards I won from Design Mom. Two words: HUGE SALES!!! I love Land’s End, which they now own, but additionally, they carry a Liz Claiborne label. And I got me some super cute tops for $3.99!! I know, I am pregnant and will have limited wear from them this year. But I WON’T (Lord willing) be pregnant next year.

Despite the quilting aversion that resulted after my second pregnancy, I started a new quilt the other day. Hopefully, I will not end up once again associating quilting with being sick. The colors are bright shades of green, pink, red and orange and I’m using a modified rail-fence pattern.

I am now trying to locate a darning foot for my sewing machine so that I can quilt it in a free-motion style. My machine is a Kenmore and when I was at Sears I was hoping to purchase one. However, they only had their presser feet in sets. So instead of just purchasing a darning foot, I would have had to purchase 3 others that I already have.

Aren’t you thrilled to know all of this!? The random-ness of my brain never ceases to amaze me… Stop back by tomorrow when I talk about the dust bunny family in my kitchen.