Dancing Queen

This past Saturday marked the beginning of the end of Abigael’s dance career.

All year long she has dreaded going to dance class, but she has looked forward to her recital with total excitement. Almost to the level of a holiday or birthday. Not quite… but almost.

My parents came to town to see her performance. After all, who can resist cute little girls twirling aimlessly around stage. Clueless to everything but the music in their own heads.

Friday night was rehearsal. As my southern mamaw says, it was hotter than Helen Foster’s hat band… I thought I was so prepared with my sweatshirt. Stupid me. How could I forget, that once school is out, it is impossible to guarantee that any requests will be received by the proper authority.

But the dance instructors were optimistic and assured us that the building would be plenty cooled off for the recital.

I’m tellin’ y’all – they couldn’t have been more wrong.

It was hot. It was hotter than hot. Worse yet, as we all know heat rises, and my poor family had to sit in the balcony, where it was well over 100 degrees. Abbie and I were able to sit in the cool 95 degree lower level (due to the fact that we had to go in and out of the auditorium for her performances.)

But, oooooohhhhh the cuteness… it was unbearable and thankfully, allowed me brief respites from the heat.

Abigael was in the 4th dance – her ballet. They danced to A Mother’s Prayer, by Celine Dion. That in itself is enough to send me to the floor in a heap of blubbering tears. But with my sweet girl dancing around the stage to it… Oh, how I love that girl!!

After intermission came her tap performance. The tap song was the 80’s hit “I Want Candy” (Bow Wow Wow)… Good heavens. The giggles I had to suppress…

Once it was all over, she was ready for her flowers. Every star knows that flowers follow a great performance.

I present: My Dancing Queen

Oh, the makeup…

waiting to go on stage

this is her “solo” during the ballet — each girl had to stand and do some moves

On a totally different note — I’ve been meaning to post photos from our camping trip (here) They don’t show much camping, but they show the fun we had:

click on this one to enlarge and you’ll be able to tell how much dirt Seamus was eating…