Answering some more stuff

So, I am obviously taking my time working through everyone’s questions. Could I have picked a more exciting and hectic two weeks to decide that I had nothing to write about?

Michelle asked … : What are you most looking forward to about attending She Speaks? Are you nervous about any aspect of the conference?

I am so excited about the entire thing. I am looking forward to the worship. The fellowship. Meeting new friends. Meeting old friends, IRL.

Mainly, I am excited to see what the Lord has in store.When I think about that, my stomach and head swirl with excitement! I think, that because I was chosen for the scholarship, that any chance of doubt as to whether I was supposed to go or not, was removed. *Though, if I am completely honest, I will admit that I have this fear that everyone will realize what a dork I am! One night, I even had a dream that it was a sort of Stephen-KingCarrie-like moment – a big set up. (Get behind me Satan!) 

HRH said … : What questions would you make up if no one asked you questions (and that would be just sad)?

I would ask me my secret for staying so thin.I would ask me how I could possibly be 36, when I don’t look a day over 25.

Oh, you meant real questions…

I’ve been in some fun situations that I’d love to tell you about! Just read my 100 things about me or list of goals page, and I’m sure you’ll find all sorts of ideas for questions. Like, how did I manage to get pulled onstage at a Chris Issak concert. Why don’t I like swimming in the ocean? Am I really crazy enough to try to run a marathon by next year? What is it like to have a panic attack? Does my current blog design bug me?*

See? I could find all sorts of interesting things to ask me if I had to.

Fortunately, it didn’t come to that.

(*why yes, yes it does. I just haven’t found the time to change it at the moment)

Karla asked … : Are you a “hugger”? Do you think you would’ve been a hippie back in the day? ;) (We share the same name and I’m that way, so I was just curious.) 

I used to be a big hugger (and a big crier). But I dated a guy that teased me about it and it made me self-conscious. So, I stopped. I’ve noticed a lot of areas that I have closed myself off from through the years. But I am really working on being more emotionally open with friends. I still hug my family members all of the time. But am just a lot more reserved with non-family. Sad, but true.

As for the hippie part of the question? If you’d asked me that question 15 years ago, I would have said yeah. I could have totally seen myself being a hippie (except for the hairy armpits and legs part. and the drugs. and the incense and patchouli.) But now I would have to say no. I’m a free-spirit in so many ways. But I am so socially conservative, I would have made a horrible hippie.

The Nester said … : You are so funny! I want to know what you would like for me to have for you when I get to meet you when you come for SheSpeaks. I am waaay too excited about this. I haven’t been backreading your blog, do you like coffee? Hot or cold? Do you eat meat? Are you expecting my house to be clean? Are you afraid that I am gonna turn out to be a 70 year old bald man from Canada? Why are all of my questions not about you but–about ME?

I love The Nester. She is too funny. How do people get to be funny like her… just that whole effortless awesome humor. I hang around a lot of funny people. I’m hoping it will wear off on me.

And guess what!? I get to stay at her house the first night I fly out to SheSpeaks! I’m gonna be scribblin’ all sorts of notes as I go through her home. Decorating secrets. I’ll stay up all night taking notes. I’m gonna take my secret agent spy pen too, so that I can snap all sorts of photos of furniture arrangements and picture displays.

Yes, I eat meat (though I’ve been trying to cut waaaay back). Yes, I *HEART* coffee. I drink it black. I am in love with the Dunkin Donuts coffee at the grocery store. (the ad on this page is totally how I feel about their coffee right now) All other coffees are dead to me right now. DEAD! Love coffee hot. Not cold, unless it has ice cream mixed in with it. I double *HEART* that. I am not expecting your home to be clean, though clean sheets would be lovely.

And I snort every time I read that last line. You being a 70 year old bald man! I have to set down my hot coffee every time I think about it. You’re not, right? Please, no!?

That’ll do for now. I’ve had enough of talking about myself for the time being. Tell me about you.

100 things about me…

(you can also learn more about me by reading the links on the “Classic Karla” page)

Following along in typical blogging fashion, may I present you with 100 things about me, in honor of my 100th post (I am shocked it took me so long to get that many posts!)

Please try to pretend you are interested. Or at least don’t snore too loudly…
(this is also counting as my Thursday 13, ’cause, though it is not on the list, I am LAZY)

  1. I was born in Decatur, Alabama
  2. The year was 1971
  3. I am the youngest of three
  4. I have two older brothers
  5. My dad was overseas, with the Army when I was born
  6. He didn’t see me until I was about 6 months old
  7. I have a letter that he wrote to my mom when he got the news that I was a girl
  8. It made me cry when I found it because it was so sweet to get a glimpse of how thrilled my dad was with that news
  9. and at the time I read it, I was in my crazy white lip-stick and plum-colored hair phase
  10. I don’t have many good photos/pictures from those days
  11. When I go to the church I grew up in, every one always goes on about how pretty and grown up I am
  12. I know it’s because they worried it wouldn’t turn out that way…
  13. My anniversary is July 12, 1997
  14. My husband and I got engaged 2 weeks after we met
  15. We were married 3 months later.
  16. Every year on our anniversary we wonder who lost a bet that year
  17. I left my whole bag of “beauty things” in my parents car and didn’t have a lick of makeup, hair dryer, comb – nothin’ of the sort – for my honeymoon
  18. And we were too broke to go out and buy more when I had a whole bag of it back home
  19. Obviously, not the look I was hoping for upon being hitched to my Prince Charming
  20. My husband and I moved around a lot when we were first married, with his job
  21. We were married in Frederick, Maryland; then moved to Huntingdon, PA; Springfield, OR; Las Vegas; Peterborough, NH, Myrtle Beach, SC; Plainsboro, NJ; Park Falls, WI, back to MD for a year, then to Nashville, TN
  22. It was awesome getting to see parts of the country that we probably never would have gotten to otherwise
  23. New Jersey – I could live the rest of my life NEVER going back and be oh, so content (sorry to anyone living in NJ; our experience there was less than desirable)
  24. I do not like the beach
  25. except in the fall
  26. and I don’t like swimming in the ocean
  27. I do like sailing though
  28. I was once pulled on stage at a Chris Issak concert.
  29. by the bass player, not Chris Issak
  30. Other concerts I’ve been to: Howard Jones, Paul Young, Nik Kershaw, Billy Idol, The Cult, U2, Spin Doctors, Gin Blossoms, Bush, Better than Ezra, Bobby McFerrin, FFH
  31. I’m a girl with ecclectic tastes
  32. I gave away 2nd row Dave Matthews tickets to go skiing
  33. I love to ski
  34. I have not been skiing since 1996 (when I gave the tickets away)
  35. That needs to change, real soon
  36. I love the sound of trains going by
  37. Since college, I have almost always managed to live in a town with a train where I could hear it’s whistle blowing
  38. I’ve actually created a list of goals
  39. I intend to meet them all…
  40. wish me luck
  41. I’ve always wanted long hair but would get tired of it when it got to that in-between stage, and I’d cut it off
  42. Right now, my hair is the longest I’ve ever had it
  43. I hardly had any hair until I was 3
  44. I used to ask for “down-hair” when I was little
  45. I have a thick gray spot on the front left side of my hair.
  46. I’ve had it since my mid/late twenties (maybe earlier, but I continued coloring my hair even after my plum-colored days)
  47. Now, I have gray all over
  48. It is so resistant to color – stylists have tried everything
  49. So, I have been going lighter and lighter with my hair blending it in with light highlights
  50. After the birth of my second child, I started suffering from panic attacks
  51. My first big panic attack was when I was flying to MD, by myself, with two of my kids (Sweetums was 2 and Bug was 6 mos)
  52. An ambulance had to meet me at the gate (no one knew that it was a panic attack)
  53. I am embarassed that I have these attacks – but it is a reality for me, until the Lord chooses to remove that from me.
  54. Until then, I am aware of my “triggers” and have learned how to work through them
  55. They leave me exhausted
  56. I was in a Visual and Performing Arts program in high school (hence #9)
  57. The concept was like Fame, but without the breaking out in song in the hallways…
  58. I always had a drawing pad with me
  59. I was an art major when I started college
  60. But I had a professor that only gave you “A”s if your style was like his.
  61. Mine wasn’t
  62. It took the joy out of my art
  63. So I went into Art Education…
  64. …for a day, until realized how much more “marketable” I’d be with a general Elem Ed degree
  65. I’ve regretted getting out of the design field ever since…
  66. But I am doing something to change that here
  67. I love love love designing
  68. I used to teach first grade
  69. Which is so NOT designing
  70. I have no desire to teach school again.
  71. Unless I am doing it at my home with my kids
  72. I’ve had many fun and interesting jobs (I temped a lot while we travelled the country)
  73. I was a legal assistant at a huge firm in DC
  74. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts was an attorney there.
  75. I was super excited when he was nominated for Supreme Court because it couldn’t have happened to a nicer, more sincere man.
  76. I don’t say that about many lawyers :)
  77. I would love to compete on the Amazing Race
  78. The house could fall down around me and the kids could color all over the wall while that show is on and I wouldn’t be the wiser (unless part of the house fell in front of the tv and blocked my view)
  79. I didn’t see a SINGLE epsiode this season because they moved it to sunday nights
  80. darn, those CBS program-time-slot people!
  81. I LOVE the sound of cars driving over gravel
  82. I have several weird sound quirks (here)
  83. I *heart* Mexican food
  84. Oh, do I ever…
  85. I have a tattoo
  86. It’s of a sun
  87. On my hip
  88. It was an eclipsed sun during my pregnancies
  89. I love being pregnant.
  90. I even love giving birth
  91. For me, giving birth is easier and less painful than parenting
  92. If we ever have another child, we will have to camp out at the hospital
  93. I had less warning with each one
  94. My youngest was born an hour after I started having contractions
  95. My husband delivered him
  96. We were at the hospital, but the doctor wasn’t there
  97. We TOLD them my labors were fast
  98. My other deliveries were equally exciting
  99. I love the Lord so much
  100. I can’t imagine my life without HIM